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Netflix Sci-Fi Series ‘In From the Cold’ Officially Wraps Up Filming [Exclusive]

Starring Margarita Levieva in the lead, the sci-fi thriller series comes from Supernatural producer Adam Glass, who has written and exec. produced the series

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Netflix's sci-fi thriller series ‘In From The Cold’ has officially wrapped up filming in Madrid, Spain, today. The filming restarted on February 8 this year, after the COVID pandemic caused the shooting to be postponed in March 2020.

‘In From The Cold’ shot for 14 weeks from February to May, and was a logistical challenge. The filming was done entirely within the community of Madrid with a home-city technical team. The series may premiere on Netflix this year.

Created by comic book author, screenwriter, and producer Adam Glass, "In From The Cold" stars A single mother’s life in suburban New Jersey is turned upside down when the FBI arrests her and forces her to make a choice: confront her long-buried past as a highly trained, bio-engineered Russian agent, and become an asset against Russia's underworld drug trade, and shadow war on U.S. elections—or put her family and the new life she has built at risk.

Madrid was the city chosen for the entire filming of the series because it is perfectly suited to the dramatic requirements of the script and offered all the locations both to simulate Moscow where part of the plot takes place and, of course, Madrid, the “star” of much of the story. 

The eight-episode series is also directed by Ami Canaan Mann and stars Margarita Levieva, Ivanna Sakhno, Lydia Fleming, Cillian O'Sullivan, Charles Brice, Alyona Khmelnitskaya, Amanda Bright, Anastasia Martin, Alexandra Prokhorova, Jeremy Ang Jones, Anatoly Chugunov, Mat Cruz, Jade-Eleena Dregorius, Luis Fernández de Eribe, Elena Sanz, and Michael John Treanor.

Below is the description of the leading characters in this series:

Margarita Levieva as Jenny Franklin — A single mother from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, who, during a European vacation with her daughter, finds her life turned upside down when the CIA forces her to confront her long-buried past as a Russian spy — the product of a secret KGB experiment that endowed her with "special abilities."

Ivanna Sakhno as Anya — A promising young, Russian Intelligence agent, who is precariously caught between her domineering mentor trying to keep her bound to the lies of the Soviet past, and the liberating promise of the “New Russia” that seems so very possible in the early-1990’s.

Cillian O'Sullivan as Chauncey — A rogue CIA agent, who hunts down and compels a long lost, top-secret Russian Intelligence asset, code-named “The Whisper," to switch her allegiances and help him settle his own personal vendetta.

Lydia Fleming as Becca — A talented, teenage, competitive figure skater, who, like every teenager, is wrestling with her own sense of identity. Little does she know that her own mother is a secret spy, and little does her mother knows that she feels the need to act out on her darker impulses.

Charles Brice as Chris — A gifted computer hacker who, despite his best efforts, is conscripted into working as Chauncey Lew’s right-hand man, and becomes his moral compass when the rogue CIA agent is baited and blinded by vengeance.

Alyona Khmelnitskaya as Svetlana Petrova — A former KGB field operative turned SVR instructor and handler in the early-1990’s. Her own broken dreams and cultish devotion to “Old Russia” are what fuel a maniacal obsession with ensuring that her young protégée, Anya, is willing to sacrifice everything for her country.



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