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‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ Netflix Review - A Captivating Documentary

In this documentary, Insiders cut through public perception to clarify the infiltration of synthetic gems into the diamond industry

Neha Krishna - Thu, 25 May 2023 10:48:03 +0100 4130 Views
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This documentary is directed by Jason Kohn and delves into the diamond industry, exposing its fraudulent nature and challenging the romanticized image of diamonds perpetuated by marketing strategies. With a sharp critique and a biting sense of humor, Kohn weaves together a thought-provoking narrative that leaves viewers questioning the power and impact of this billion-dollar industry.

One of the documentary's strengths is its selective use of interviews, avoiding the common trap of inundating the audience with a multitude of talking heads. Instead, Kohn focuses on a few key individuals, creating a character study that sheds light on their motivations and complicity in perpetuating the industry's deceit. The former executive vice president of the De Beers diamond company, Stephen Lussier, is particularly intriguing, leaving viewers wondering why these industry insiders agreed to participate in the documentary. As the interviews progress, it becomes evident that they have been getting away with this deception for so long that it has become second nature to them. The dissonance between their words and the reality of the diamond industry exposes the extent of their complacency.

The documentary reveals that diamonds labeled as "natural" are essentially no different from their "artificial" counterparts created in a lab. This revelation, though it may seem like a bombshell, has been an open secret within the industry for years. The diamond industry capitalized on consumers' belief in the rarity of diamonds and their symbolic value as expressions of love. In truth, diamonds were never as rare as they were made out to be, and the romanticization of them was a modern invention of marketing. Kohn skillfully dismantles these myths, going beyond what many may have already learned from popular media, such as the Adam Ruins Everything sketch on diamonds. The documentary delves deeper, exposing a con that runs far deeper than expected.

Throughout the film, Kohn maintains a sense of humor that adds an engaging element to the presentation. The use of the mesmerizing main theme from the 1980 horror film "Cannibal Holocaust" by composer Riz Ortolani, juxtaposed with the voice of Lussier professing the values of his company, creates a chilling effect. This clever use of music enhances the documentary's impact, drawing viewers into the unsettling truth behind the diamond industry's marketing facade. While the documentary effectively exposes the deception within the diamond industry, it falls slightly short in exploring the repercussions and the experiences of those affected by the industry's practices. Kohn briefly touches on the rise of homegrown industries attempting to profit from the executives' deceptions in different countries.

However, the lack of interiority and closure for these individuals leaves a sense of unfulfilled potential. Furthermore, a recent revelation that the industry's main profiteers finally acknowledge the existence of synthetic diamonds raises questions about the impact this admission will have on others involved. These threads, unfortunately, get lost in the narrative, preventing a more comprehensive understanding of the industry's lasting impact. Nonetheless, "Nothing Lasts Forever" is a fascinating documentary that skillfully presents its subject matter with attention to detail and patience. Kohn's ability to weave together various narratives and perspectives creates a compelling and engaging viewing experience. The documentary teeters on the edge of a grim acknowledgment that even its revelations may not be enough to alter public perception of the diamond industry and the power it holds. This realization adds an enthralling layer to the film, leaving viewers both intrigued and maddened by the intricate web of deception.

In conclusion, "Nothing Lasts Forever" is a thought-provoking documentary that unveils the fraudulent nature of the diamond industry. With a careful selection of interviews, a biting sense of humor, and a meticulous approach to storytelling, Jason Kohn.

Final Score- [8/10]
Reviewed by – Neha Krishna
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