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‘Old Dads’ Netflix Movie Review - Why Would You Wanna Miss It?

The movie follows a grumpy middle-aged father and his two closest friends, who feel out of place in a world of millennial CEOs and strong preschool administrators.

Riya Singh - Sat, 21 Oct 2023 01:11:47 +0100 826 Views
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Old Dads is about three best friends, Jack, Mike, and Connor, transcending the Gen Z space and the norms set by them. They’re all in their late forties or early fifties and are finding it hard to acclimate themselves to society.

While Jack is a father to a boy, he has anger issues. I don’t share the same views as his wife Leah who thought that he needed to change himself because the old man was right about all the things he raised his voice about. Be it the mischievous way in which the private school was operating or how you had to raise your child.

Coming onto Mike, had got a vasectomy done and with the sudden news of Brittney, his girlfriend getting pregnant, he was sent into a whirlwind. The company these friends owned now belonged to someone else. The chap had to work hard in his fifties just because they were expecting a baby. I mean speak about the odds of their life and there’s an endless list to it.

Connor has a very controlling wife, Cara, who instead of teaching their son about manners, asks him to voice his opinions no matter how it tends to hurt the others. The scene in which Colin was seen hitting Leah’s pregnant belly was infuriating. Even at that moment, Cara was seen teaching her son immoral things.

Why was the rental car video recorded in the first space? For a generation that speaks too much about consent and privacy, this was a hard blow. There are many scenes in the film which under the pretext of being the comedy ones show us the hard reality.

To be honest, the film's final scenes were a buzz kill. I liked how the movie carried itself for 104 minutes, but I would have preferred a slightly different ending. They did it right for the most part however, if two out of the three main leads had embraced themselves just the way they were, it would have been better. Connor at least acknowledged the toxicity in his life and called out his wife for her toxic behavior.

In a very silent way, Old Dads conveyed the message about how the younger generation is and why the old ones are better than them. Belonging to an older generation and how the young ones are doing it right now seems like an escape. The way they try to emphasize unimportant things and bring up different things in the public sphere seems too much.

The movie brings the issue of getting offended so easily into the limelight. I mean, if you’re angry, you would portray it so, what it is with being a model of peace. Old Dads is a film that you shouldn’t miss. As I watched the film, I didn’t realize how the time passed in the blink of an eye.

Bill Burr as Jack Kelly, Bobby Cannavale as Connor Brody, and Bokeem Woodbine as Mike Richards carry the film on their shoulders. Each one of the characters has a different personality and is going through different phases. I wonder how did the makers portray something so realistic in a very effortless manner.

Taking a dig at the current society yet showing how the older generation should cope with the constantly changing things is a brilliant idea. The successful execution and witty dialogues make the film a masterpiece.

Final Score – [8/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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