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On My Block: Freeridge Season 2 - What to Expect From the Next Chapter of Netflix Spinoff Series

In the first season, Mariluna gathers all the kids in her mansion to give them 10 million dollars if they can spend the 1 million within three months

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At a glance 'On My Block: Freeridge' doesn't seem to be on the level of its parent show 'On My Block.' After all, it isn't interested in exploring issues related to class or race. However, that doesn't mean that the show isn't anything more than surface-level entertainment. Actually, instead of exploring macro issues affecting society at large, this show has instead opted to focus on the microcosm of family.

However, it doesn't straightforwardly explore that aspect with drama. Instead, it undercuts the tension. For example, Gloria's (Keyla Monterroso Mejia) and Ines' (Bryana Salaz) father, Javier, (Jean Paul San Pedro) having cancer gets treated with humor and silliness. All of it is done to show that the children have chosen to remain in their little world where budding romances, TikTok witches, and a vapid curse are all that matter.

But the ending of season 1 does hint the next season could be darker than the first one. So let us discuss what happened in the season finale and how it sets up the next one.

What Happened at the End of Freeridge Season 1? Ending Explained

We see everyone gathered at Mariluna's house for Thanksgiving dinner, but nothing is progressing as planned. For one, there's no food, so Cam (Tenzing Norgay Trainor) and Demi (Ciara Riley Wilson) try to salvage the dinner, but to no avail. So with a sad cashew casserole and undercooked turkey, the group sits down for dinner. But this meal will be the last one they will have in peace. However, regrettably, they won't be able to get through it without drama as well.

For one, Gloria finally confronts Rusty (Michael Solomon) and asks him if Tonio (J.R. Villarreal) really hired him to get with her. Upon hearing the affirmative, she storms out. In the meantime, Rusty is freaking out. Ines tries to comfort him, but Rusty lashes out at her. He tells her that she needs to get over her feelings for him and move on. He invites her to kiss him so that she can realize that there's nothing between them. Also, he says that he only loves Gloria.

But Ines kisses him and he kisses her back. The couple breaks apart when Gloria, after a talk with Mariluna, comes back to apologize for her behavior towards Rusty. But something has changed now, complicating the relationship between the three. However, there's a bit of good news too.


Mariluna calls all the kids and gathers them in her mansion. She brings out a huge check and says that she is giving all of them a million dollars. The children (Gloria, Ines, Rusty, Demi, Cam, and Andre) are obviously excited about it. But then she gives them the offer of something more. She says that she is going to give them 10 million dollars if they can spend the 1 million within three months. But there's a rule. They cannot spend it on something that they can keep with themselves.

The jubilant proceedings then take a dark turn because Davina's boyfriend gets to know that there's supposed treasure hidden in Mariluna's house. He thinks that Mariluna is Marisol and that she killed his friends to keep the money with her. He and his friend confront the rich old lady, who in turn, pulls out a gun on them. But they are armed too. We aren't shown the confrontation, but the ending of the first season implies that someone fired a gun and Mariluna is now dead. You can also read my Freeridge Season 1 Review.

What to Expect from a Potential Freeridge Season 2?

Let us start by talking about the big question. Is Mariluna really dead? Did Davina's boyfriend and his friend kill her? The entire scene seems suspiciously conveniently set up. So that ending scene could be a fakeout. After all, we don't see Davina's boyfriend and his friend running away. Also, we don't see Mariluna's dead body. We just see two legs hanging out from the same car Mariluna was sitting in. So it's possible that what we think might not have happened. Also, even if Mariluna is dead, it's possible that the two men didn't kill her.

However, if she is dead, then what happens to the million dollars the kids were promised? After all, with Mariluna dead, who will give them the promised money? They may get an inheritance if Mariluna has somehow written it in her will. But that seems improbable for now. So maybe somehow they will get the money only after solving the case of her murder. After all, Gloria and Ines especially need the money since Javier's survival is dependent on them getting him expensive experimental cancer treatments.


Now, let us talk about the biggest elephant in the room- Ines and Rusty kissed, and it looks like they have feelings for each other. So how will Gloria react to that once she gets to know about it? She already feels inferior to Ines and if her younger sister takes away her boyfriend, it's going to crack the relationship between the two sisters beyond repair.

But it's also possible that Ines will confess what she did to Gloria and let Rusty go because her sister loves him. As the TikTok witch said this season- one sister will be the downfall of the other, so we will definitely see that manifest somehow in this case. Overall, this dramatic love triangle, combined with a possible murder mystery, will be great to see explored in the next season.

That's not all. There's also the case of Cam and Demi. The latter thinks that Cam is her forever love because of his half-winks (since she was told by a witch that her forever love will have this distinguishing action), but currently, they have broken up. So how will that situation resolve itself? Demi will either find another guy who does the exact same action, and that will create more confusion for Demi, or the two of them will get together the next season without any more drama.

In this season, the relationship issues between Cam and Demi felt artificial and unnecessary from the beginning. So hopefully, the show can write them better in the next season. As for how many of these predictions come true, that remains to be seen.



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