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‘Outer Banks’ is Reportedly Ending With Season 3 at Netflix

Outer Banks Season 2 was once again a hit among the existing viewers of the series, but it reportedly failed to bring expected number of fresh audiences

Bradley - Sat, 02 Oct 2021 15:44:57 +0100 3701 Views
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After the second season premiere of ‘Outer Banks’ on July 30 this year, fans are curious to know if the show is going to continue at Netflix. It may feel good, and bad at the same time, but it looks like the teenage drama might be ending with the third season, credit to our source for this info.

With a decent performance on Season 2, ‘Outer Banks’ has reportedly scored a third season, but it may also be the final season of the series. The performance (in terms of viewership) was better as compared to other Netflix shows and its previous season, but still, it was not as per the expectations of the streamer. Netflix always sets a higher standard for the comeback shows and expects them to not only outperform their previous season but also attract new viewers.

However, creator and showrunner Jonas Pate stated in an interview that he would want to go for four seasons if possible five. But, his statement came soon after the premiere of the first season.

The performance of the now-canceled Netflix series Hit & Run was not poor, as it had nearly the same viewership as Outer Banks Season 2. But few production-related issues forced Netflix to cancel Hit & Run only after its debut season.

As per our source, who has almost a month-old info, Netflix was reportedly in negotiations with the show's producers for a third and final season. We cannot confirm if the deal is done or not. But still, there can be multiple expected outcomes.

Producers can take the deal of a third and final season, or standalone season 3, season 4 renewal will depend on the performance of the third season, or Netflix cancels the series right now (not likely).

The best scenario will be to get a third and final season, which will help the series to get a proper ending without any cliffhanger finish. The standalone season 3 renewal comes with a big risk, if the show doesn't outperform its previous season, then it will be at risk of getting canceled, which will leave the show's viewers without a proper ending.

I was hoping to get this surprise news during the TUDUM event, but even with a recent premiere that show was not even mentioned once at the Global fan event. The silence from Netflix on this show doesn't give us a good indication, but fans can still hope for the best.

Also, I would like to share some additional information about the renewal process and budget allocation at Netflix.

When a show is renewed for the next season, the budget increases, and every cast member and support staff, writer, creators receive a decent raise. With each season, the budget increases significantly.

When a show is renewed and ordered for multiple seasons (2-3) at once, the budget and the salary of the show's crew or cast nearly remain the same. This is why producers of hit shows like The Umbrella Academy and Stranger Things don't take multiple season orders together.



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