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‘Phenomena’ Netflix Movie Review - Frightful and Mysterious

When their leader Father Pilón vanishes, three middle-aged ladies who investigate paranormal incidents are put to the test. originated from the actual Hepta Group

Neha Krishna - Fri, 14 Apr 2023 17:00:13 +0100 3467 Views
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Each of the three main characters played by Belén Rueda as Sagrario, Gracia Olayo as Paz, and Tony Acosta as Gloria had a fascinating role to play, which gave the narrative a great deal of complexity. I had the impression that I actually knew the actresses who played them because of how well they brought their characters to life.

Their dialogues were sharp and witty, as well as the way they interacted with one another. I adored watching them cooperate to solve the eerie puzzles they came across since their chemistry was off the charts.

The Hepta Group, a real-life paranormal investigation team created by Father Pilón, is the inspiration for this horror comedy. It begins in Madrid in 1998, as Pilón discovers evidence of a supernatural event in an antique store housed in an apartment-style structure. He contacts his three ghost-busting heroes, Sagrario, Gloria, and Paz, as usual, so they may plan how to approach the case while Pablo, an aspiring parapsychologist, shadows them to learn more about this line of work. Unfortunately, only Sagrario shows up, so Pilón is forced to call off the appointment and investigate the antique store alone. He comes into contact with something diabolical there, and the encounter puts him in a coma.

As a result, Paz, Gloria, and Sagrario eventually come together. As a result, Sagrario, Gloria, and Paz come together and decide to investigate what's happening in the antique store. They are surprised to find that the shop's proprietors, Enrique and Marisa, are delighted to have them because the trio's work is renowned. But as soon as they start to understand that ghost-hunting isn't a game, all the fun and laughing evaporates.

Overall, every aspect of this film was a success. I kept guessing right up until the very end by the plot's unexpected turns. I adored the way the film successfully combined aspects of horror, mystery, and comedy to provide a singular and unforgettable experience. The breathtaking cinematography and excellent special effects helped to create a tense and exciting environment.

However, the emphasis on female empowerment in this film was what truly caught my attention. The three protagonists were fierce, independent women who wouldn't let anything or anyone get in their way. No matter how hazardous the puzzles they came upon might be, they were determined to solve them, and they did so with courage and knowledge. But when their leader disappeared, the movie took a turn into darker and more mysterious territory. The dialogue became more tense and urgent, as the remaining two characters worked to unravel the truth behind their leader's disappearance. Their conversations were filled with suspense and intrigue, and I found myself on the edge of my seat, desperate to know what was going to happen next.

The plot was interesting, the banter was witty, the characters were intriguing, and the message of female empowerment was genuinely motivating. I definitely advise everyone to watch it if you haven't already! For everyone who enjoys a good paranormal mystery, it is a must-watch.

Final Score- [7/10]
Reviewed by – Neha Krishna
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