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‘Pichaikkaran 2’ Hotstar Movie Review - Go Grab Your Popcorns!

The movie follows Sathya, who gets mired in circumstances that force him to impersonate a dead multi-millionaire in quest of his lost sister

Riya Singh - Sun, 18 Jun 2023 20:50:02 +0100 2675 Views
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Pichaikkaran 2 starts with a quote “Money is injurious to the world”. At first, you won't understand this quote however, as the film progresses the audience will gain clarity. In Chennai, at the residence of Aravind, huge plans are being made to kill the seventh richest man in the country. Greed is the reason that makes people go to such extreme lengths. They found a doctor who was successful in brain transplantation. For the receiver, they chose Sathya as everything matched. Little did they know about Sathya’s past and what will he do to them. Initially, Aravind and other people planned to use him as a puppet, but things didn't go as planned.

You’ll be stunned after watching Sathya’s history. His little sister Rani and he were left alone after their parents died in an accident. This changed everything for them as the relatives weren’t kind enough to keep them. As a result, Sathya leaves with Rani and started begging so that his sister doesn’t have to be hungry. Fate and the cunning people around them had other plans as a result of which they got separated in their childhood. After Sathya gets Vijay’s identity, it is up to him how to utilize it, and the film is about these two things only.

Doctors are shown to be corrupt and playing with people’s lives when they should have been saving them. This film also provides insight into how things could go wrong if medical science isn't used ethically. Pichaikkaran 2 is a great movie and for those who haven’t watched the first one, they don't need to worry as both aren't connected. The actors especially Vijay Anthony and Dev Gill have delivered a stunning performance. The young cast who played the role of Sathya and Rani won the hearts of the audience. The child playing young Rani’s role stole the show, and her eyes spoke more than a thousand words. The story of Sathya and Rani’s childhood has to be among the best scenes in Pichaikkaran 2.

I liked how the story transitioned from one phase to another. It started as a thriller, involving medical science, but gradually it became funny, and the last scene leaves us in tears. Yogi Babu as Maddy has some of the best comedy lines in Pichaikkaran 2. Maddy is a beggar, and those who didn’t have a chance to give him, don’t need to worry as he wears a plain white shirt with a Paytm QR code on it. The characters shown in the movie have their unique personalities and can stand alone without the main character. The best part about Pichaikkaran 2 is the depiction of the sad story of beggars and the cruelty of females.

This is a great film, and the plot is also very interesting. Apart from some scenes, this 151 minutes film is worth giving a watch. A suitable film to watch with the family, it was nice to see the bonding between a brother and sister. Those who watch this film will understand that a huge difference exists between the first and second parts of the film. I didn’t expect much from the film initially, but beliefs are made to be shattered.

Final Score – [8/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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