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‘Pieces of Her’ Netflix Series Review – Interesting Themes With Overdone Flashbacks

After a shooting in a restaurant, Andy discovers that her mother has a secret life. The story that follows is full of twists and turns, murder, and chaos

Aalaya Sonti - Sat, 05 Mar 2022 19:29:25 +0000 4658 Views
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Pieces of Her, a new Netflix series starring Oscar nominee Toni Collette, is now streaming. Andy (Bella Heathcote), her daughter, follows her home with bags of cash, a Rolodex of fraudulent Identities, and the question of who her mother is.

Toni Collette portrays Laura Oliver (Toni Collette) in small-town Georgia, whose 30-year-old daughter Andy (Bella Heathcote) takes care of her ailing mother throughout eight mind-numbingly complicated episodes. They were once in a restaurant on an apparently normal day when a catastrophic shooting occurred. Laura has an uncharacteristic streak, as she cuts at the assassin's neck to defend her kid. A mother's brave gesture prevented the loss of additional lives, and it drew international attention. Laura, however, is uninterested in receiving worldwide notoriety.

Laura (Jessica Barden), previously known as Jane, invests most of its show involved in political intrigue, business avarice, and familial backstabbing. With his lackluster performance in the subplot concerning Joe Delmpsie and his terrorist organization, Barden fails to captivate you.

The flashbacks grow increasingly frequent as the show progresses. Near the end, the episodes get flabby. Boring flashbacks rob the audience of tension from the interesting present.

The theme of "Pieces of Her" is primarily on identification and openness: wouldn't you go to tremendous efforts to suppress the truth if you knew it would harm you and your family? Charlotte Stoudt only helps in enhancing the margins, presenting us with such a hodgepodge of scenes that really never seem cohesive.

The show grows boring as it proceeds. In its category, there are finer programs. It's a show you might even want to overlook.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by – Aalaya Sonti
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