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PUBG Season 7 is now Live and Vikendi is back

Season 7 is now live and brings back the snow speckled island of Vikendi, Vikendi received several updates to its terrain, buildings, and environment. The biggest of which is...

KnightKing - Wed, 22 Apr 2020 15:19:25 +0100 949 Views
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Season 7 is now live and brings back the snow speckled island of Vikendi. While on vacation, Vikendi received several updates to its terrain, buildings, and environment. The biggest of which is the newly updated and rebranded Dinoland, the prehistoric park of the future! Clever boys and girls from all over can partake in the park’s amusements or seek out one of several outfits from Dinoland’s staff through Survivor Pass: Cold Front. If you’re looking for fun, Dinoland finds a way!


Players can also traverse the updated island in style aboard one of Vikendi’s new trains. You can hop aboard at one of several new stations. Other changes include the removals of snowmobiles and snow bikes, an overall reduction in snow, and the temporary removal of moonlight weather, which will return later after some visual improvements of its own.


Below are the highlights of the Season 7 update:


Vikendi is back!

Better than ever, with updated landmarks, trains and a slight change in season.


  • Trains have been added and can be found moving along multiple tracks across Vikendi
  • There is a major train line that extends along the perimeter of Vikendi, with 6 connected tracks towards the inland areas of the island
  • Trains stop temporarily at train stations across the map
  • Reduced snow cover
  • Snow cover is reduced more on the Southern areas of the island
  • Snowbikes and Snowmobiles have been removed
  • Motorcycle and Motorcycle with sidecar will spawn instead, being more versatile vehicles for the updated terrain
  • Weather will be either Clear or Snowy.
  • Moonlight has been removed for now, but will return with visual improvements at a later date.
  • General map optimizations have been made
  • You can play the updated Vikendi in custom matches
  • A new Cargo Depot has been added


Survivor Pass: Cold Front


Survivor Pass: Cold Front is your ticket to all the cool new outfits in Season 7. With costumes ranging from Dinoland employee apparel and mascot costumes to other themed looks, there’s something for everyone. Players can also once again unlock community rewards by working together, so be on the lookout for data discs!


Community Missions


  • All players can contribute to the community gauge to unlock videos and receive community skin rewards
  • 1 video, 4 skins can be unlocked by accomplishing the community missions
  • To complete, Loot event items in public (normal) matches
  • As before, the community mission gauge is filled as such:
    • Disc piece: 1 point
    • Broken disc: 2 points
    • Old DVD: 3 points
  • On the Community Mission tab, you can see your personal contribution score and will earn XP towards your Survivor Pass
    • 2000 XP per 50 points contributed


Season Missions

  • There are three tracks of Season Missions
  • Each track will be released monthly in April, May and June
  • Tracks that are locked will show the time left before they are unlocked


Progression Mission


  • Players can earn large amounts of XPs when completing Progression Missions
  • Tracks 1 and 2 are available to all players and contain a set of 8 missions each that increase in difficulty
  • Track 3 is open for Premium Pass holders and contains a set of 10 missions that increase in difficulty
  • Milestones are completed when a set goal is achieved related to daily, weekly, and challenge missions.
    Example: Complete total number of 50 missions


Challenge Mission

  • These are ‘Survival’ Themed challenge missions
  • Challenge Missions are composed of 16 total missions. Every 4 missions completed will grant a Utility belt and Backpack skin as a reward


Survival Title System


The Survival Title System is being shelved this update, in preparation for a new system making its way in-game in a future update alongside our new Competitive Mode.


Fear not, you can still view all your accrued statistics in the Season tab and if you’re eligible for rewards from Season 6 of the Survival Title System, you’ll receive them once this update hits live servers.


  • Overview and Leaderboard tabs of the Season menu have been removed
  • A new Leaderboard will arrive with the introduction of Competitive Mode in a future update.


For full info on the patch and update, please visit: https://www.pubg.com/2020/04/14/update-7-1/




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