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PUBG Takes Measures to Improve Anti-Cheat Safeguards After Update 7.2 Fails

Bradley - Sun, 07 Jun 2020 19:58:59 +0100 108 Views

As We know, PUBG is currently one of the most popular Battle Royale Game, but it also attracts a lot of cheaters. In its every update, dvelopers have tried to increase the security and improve the any-cheat systems. Similarly in update 7.2, PUBG brought new safeguards which included SMS verification to help prevent it but now according to the PUBG team, it did not have the effect they had hoped for. so now they have added some additional measures to counter the cheaters.

Below are such measures they have taken to improve the anti-cheat safeguards and increase the ban intensity.


Preliminary Measures – When players use cheats in a match, we will utilize immediate countermeasures to minimize the impact on legitimate players.

  • Additionally, we will improve the system to immediately ban the kicked user.
  • If the cheat used is easy for game logic to recognize, we will kick the cheater in real time. (This has already been applied as of June 3rd, 2020.)


Post Measures – Cheaters use sophisticated methods to get around systems designed to stop them, so we’re also reinforcing additional measures to help our efforts.

  • We have analyzed the patterns of players who unfairly raise their rank and have added logic to quickly detect and automatically ban the perpetrators.
  • We are dedicating more people to Leaderboard monitoring to ban the players who climb the leaderboard through unfair methods.
  • We will monitor the top ranked players constantly and will not let cheaters stay on the leaderboard for long. We will even be monitoring players’ results, even previous results, if there is any doubt.
  • We are making sure that any players who receive bans cannot be listed on the Leaderboard. (This has already been applied as of June 3rd, 2020.)
  • We will expand the range of monitoring on any users in doubt.
  • We will also be banning cheaters by analyzing the cheats that falsify gun-based logs.
  • We’ve begun to implement a greater number of hardware bans by improving the hardware ban system. (This has already been applied as of June 3rd, 2020.)
  • A mobile authenticator later this year.

Community Reporting

While our intention is for automated systems to catch 99% of cheaters, some offenders will always slip through the cracks. Naturally, it feels like these players continue to avoid detection and leads to a pretty poor experience. To combat this, Community Managers around the world now have the ability to ban highly visible offenders using local Community Managed systems. In NA and EMEA for example, moderators are building out a system in Discord that will allow players to identify, report, and ultimately ban the worst offenders.


If these measures still do not have the impact we expect, we have other measures we are ready to introduce, including increased ban durations against repetitive wrongdoers and raising the entry bar for Ranked mode to make it more difficult for cheaters with new accounts to re-enter Ranked Mode.


We’re thrilled so many of you are loving Ranked Mode and we hate cheaters just as much as you do. As long as there is money to be made from these cheat programs, the problem will never stop, but we’re dedicated to fighting this issue as fiercely as we can. We want the same thing you do, a fair and fun environment where you can show off your skills and see where you stand in Battlegrounds history.

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