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‘Rough Diamonds’ Netflix Series Review - A Shining Example of Authenticity in Television

The series follows a former ultra-Orthodox Jewish man's return to Antwerp to save his family’s diamond business from the dangers of the criminal underworld

Anjali Sharma - Fri, 21 Apr 2023 14:09:35 +0100 13944 Views
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In the heart of Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, a prominent ultra-Orthodox Jewish family, the Wolfsons, navigates their way through the perilous underworld of diamond trading. Rough Diamonds, an eight-part crime drama, takes us on an emotional journey through the intricacies of Jewish culture, family dynamics, and loyalty.

The show's opening scene sets the stage for the heart-wrenching ride ahead. We witness the youngest son of the Wolfsons taking his own life, setting off a chain of events that will change their lives forever. The loss of the family's youngest member, with all the grief and pain that it brings, brings the estranged brother, Noah, back into the fold. Noah had abandoned his faith to join the criminal underworld in London, and now he has returned home to desperately attempt to save the family business while protecting their legacy and honor. But before he can do so, he and his siblings must first settle their own internal battles.

The show's strength lies in its ability to provide an immersive portrayal of the Jewish experience. It explores the religious values and restrictions, community dynamics and customs, and the nuances of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Antwerp.

The creators of the show, Israelis Rotem Shamir and Yuval Yefet, bring an extra layer of authenticity to the series. The elder family members are portrayed by Israeli actors Yona Elian and Dudu Fisher, bringing their strong Yiddish backgrounds to the characters, and adding to the show's realism. Kevin Janssens, who plays Noah, delivers an intense and captivating performance that elevates the show's grittiness.

The show dives deep into the complexities of family dynamics, exploring the struggles and sacrifices that come with maintaining a family business, and the intricate relationships between parents and their children. The grief and pain of losing a loved one, the trauma of abandonment, and the search for redemption are explored with sincerity.

Its imagery and metaphors are powerful tools that elevate the show's emotional depth. The diamonds, a symbol of beauty and wealth, are juxtaposed against the gritty reality of the diamond trade, with all its risks and dangers. The family, a precious gem in its own right, is under constant threat, with its members facing tough choices and impossible decisions.

However, despite the strong plot and gripping ending, Rough Diamonds falls short in some of its middle episodes, with pacing that drags and could use trimming. While the show's attention to detail is impressive, the slow-moving episodes may cause some viewers to lose interest. Nonetheless, the strong performances and powerful themes make it worth sticking around for a satisfying conclusion.

As the credits roll, the weight of Rough Diamonds' story lingers long after the screen goes black. The show's raw portrayal of the criminal underworld and the human struggles that come with it leave a lasting impact.

The expertly crafted plot, stunning performances, and unique setting make it a standout in the crime drama genre. But it's the authenticity and attention to detail that sets Rough Diamonds apart, creating a world that feels all too real. With all its rough edges, this show is a diamond in the rough, a gem that deserves to be discovered by all who seek the grit and emotion of the human experience.

Final Score- [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Anjali Sharma
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