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Sci-Fi Series ‘Chosen’ Gets Trailer and Release Date at Netflix

Chosen is about a 17-year-old girl who delves into the mystery surrounding her sleepy Danish town and uncovers an earth-shattering truth about her own existence

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Netflix has revealed the first trailer and confirmed the premiere date for the Danish-language series, ‘Chosen.’ The coming-of-age sci-fi series ‘Chosen’ will release on January 27 on Netflix, worldwide.

The six-episode series is produced by Christian Potalivo and Jannik Tai Mosholt, the acclaimed producer and writer behind Netflix's one of the most-watched non-English-language shows, The Rain.

Chosen is a sci-fi coming-of-age series about a young girl whose world is flipped upside down when everything she thought she knew turns out to be incorrect, and she realizes that the world is not as secure and peaceful as she imagined. It's also an exciting and bizarre drama about teenage life, with social pressure, secrets, lies, and identity — all set on Denmark's outskirts.

Emma has always felt different from others in Middelbo, a small Danish town that became famous after a meteor entered the atmosphere and smashed there 17 years ago. Middelbo is no longer what it was, and the issue is whether it was ever what it pretended to be at all. When Emma unintentionally finds that the entire meteor story is a hoax, a dangerous and unlikely reality about the sleepy town emerges - something far more terrible and spectacular than she could have imagined. Was it a meteor that struck the little town 17 years ago, or something significantly more powerful? With these discoveries, Emma is forced to accept that she is on her own and her friends and society would not help her at a critical moment in her life.

The cast includes Malaika Berenth Mosendane (Emma), Henrik Prip (Hans), Andrea Heick Gadeberg (Marie), Line Kruse (Lykke), Andreas Dittmer (Frederik), Magnus Juhl Andersen (Jonas), Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt (Mads), Mohamed Djeziri (Elvis), Ken Vedsegaard (Thomas), Anders Heinrichsen (Lukas),  Marie Louise Wille (Susan), Nikolaj Kopernikus (Adrian).

Chosen is directed by Kaspar Munk and created by the Danish production company Tall & Small's globally recognized and acclaimed directors Jannik Tai Mosholt and Christian Potalivo. Both of them also worked as executive producers on the Danish Netflix series Elves, as well as writers and producers on the Netflix hit The Rain.



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