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‘Sexify’ Season 2 Review - A Lot of Changes But Managed to Maintain the Fun!

In Season 2, with the future of their startup in doubt, the three young entrepreneurs must balance their personal lives, a bitter rival, and a demanding investor

Poornima Balsu - Wed, 11 Jan 2023 17:58:26 +0000 4058 Views
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Sexify has returned with a season 2 on Netflix. The second season got released on January 11, 2022. Both seasons contain a total of 8 episodes, each episode having a run time of 32– 48 minutes. The show stars Aleksandra Skraba in the main role with Maria Sobocinska and Sandra Drzymalska and many others.

Sexify is a polish series that delivered us the story of three college-going girls called Natalia, Paulina, and Monika who wanted to make an app called ‘Sexify’. The idea behind the app is to understand the needs of females and also their partners in areas concerning their preferences, needs, and pleasures.  In season one we see them trying to figure out more about female orgasm and needs in general. Through this process, they also figure out and understand a little bit about themselves too. The first season was a lot of fun and exciting to watch. The second season although might be fun has a high chance of not being liked as much as the first.

The second season opens up with the girls facing a different variety of struggles regarding their app and its development. Nevertheless, the girls are all pumped up to launch the app. But everything does not go as planned, and situations bring in more trouble for them and drama for the viewers. They hit rock bottom at a point and start from scratch but what we are concerned about is whether they will succeed in the end. The show does give us a satisfactory answer to our queries.

The second season does show a side where the three girls struggle to keep a balance between their personal life as well as their entrepreneurship. The makers have actually tried to bring more focus on the girls and their personal life more than on the application or its process. The app too in the second season is quite different from the first. The priorities changed the whole focus of the app changes, which might be difficult to accept by the audience who have invested in the show since the first season. Even though in the second season we get to see more of their personal lives, the characters just seem all over the place. If we saw the intellectual sides of the characters in the first season, the second season offers us a messed up side of them, which might make the viewers lose interest in them altogether.

The second season might be fun to watch but, in the end, we might feel that the second season is sort of disconnected from the first. The dysconnectivity between the storylines or the scripts can be frustrating enough to not enjoy this season as the last one. The premises in the show have changed for both good and bad. The human/struggling side of the girls has the potential to give a real as well as a frustrating vibe to the audience.

Nonetheless, Sexify is indeed a fun watch. The second season has tried to keep up with the charm that the first left us with. Even though it might be hard to accept certain changes, it still can be enjoyed with a clear mindset. The show is purely made for adult audiences, and the viewers can absolutely binge-watch it since the episodes are quite compact.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Poornima Balsu
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