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‘Sexify’: The Underrated Polish Series is now Trending #1 on Netflix in Many Countries

The series is based on the making of an innovative and very interesting sex application which has to make a sexually inexperienced student for the tech competition

Ritika Kispotta - Wed, 05 May 2021 09:59:21 +0100 8216 Views
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In the Netflix series Sexify, the producers attempt to explore how women get pleasure. Directed by Piotr Domalewski and Kalina Alabrudzinska, the Polish comedy drama stars Aleksandra Skraba, Sandra Drzymalska, and Maria Sobocinska.

The comic drama “Sexify,” which debuted on April 28, topped the shows on the Rise chart. It follows an aspiring technology student, Natalia, whose dream is to win a prestigious competition. Her key to success is to make an innovative application that may satisfy the curiosity and sexual wants of her peers. The difficulty is that she is aware of heaps regarding programming however very little regarding sex, thus she decides to affix forces together with her best friend Paulina and her dorm mate Monika. To create a formula for the female sexual climax, the ladies begin to explore the mysterious and complex world of sex, learning more and more about themselves by this method.

The new Polish Netflix show has been defined as a combination of Sex Education and 365 Dni, a Polish movie that was a big hit for Netflix in 2020, striking the headlines for its explicit sex scenes.

To achieve Sexify's sex scenes, the assembly used intimacy coordinators, figures who work on film and television sets to make sure all the actors easy when shooting sexual moments.

Though intimacy coordinators became normal in Hollywood and show from different countries like common people, they're way rarer in Poland. This internet series has an average rating on the IMDb. The rating is 6.5/10 out of 947 votes the show has received to this point. It looks that the show has touched a number of the users as they’ve started to call it binge-worthy whereas several users showing dislike to the show from opening itself. Some users are reasonably neutral as they need some mixed opinions regarding the show.

Directors Kalina Alabrudzinska and Piotr Domalewski were too daring. Even in the background music, they’ve used sounds of a woman moaning loudly. For the analysis purpose of her app, Natalia lets couples use her room to capture their reaction and use the information. Thus expect plenty of sex scenes within the series.

Sexify remains a frothy, funny lark that strikes a balance between seriously and goofily celebrating feminine sensualness, liberation, and independence. Visits to X-rated expos and a theme to 3D-print the final word vibrator are all a part of this amusing package, that integrates into its narrative a wilderness of explicit sexual subjects—masturbation, toys, kinks, and porn—with a refreshing lack of pretension or judgment. The series accepts that 21st-century young ladies (and men) perpetually place confidence in, discuss and do all types of sexually wild things. It then mines that shared incident for good-tempered laughs regarding desire, identity, and also the method of understanding our bodies to grasp ourselves—a pursuit that’s inherent to growing up, particularly at that formative moment once school youngsters are on the cusp of graduating to the adult world.

Sexify‘s pilot does such an exquisite job at establishing the characters and making certain that we see to see them as totally fleshed-out (no pun intended) masses with their own lives and problems before ever bringing them along, and also that patience pays off. Whereas Sexify wastes no time in progressing to the horny stuff – there's no timidness here regarding the sexy stuff – it also makes us clear that this isn’t about to be some exploitatory romp. Our three leading women all embark on their journeys – both sexual and not – and are brought nearer to at least one another in this process. This isn’t simply a show regarding stripping down or making the grade; Sexify is effective due to the female-friendly relationship at its center. There’s many sex and silliness to be had, sure, however, what makes Sexify worth it is its massive, bold heart. I would like to give this series a solid score of 7.8/10.



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