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Shailene Woodley & Jack Whitehall Sci-Fi, Comedy Movie ‘Robots’ Begins Filming

Emma Roberts was the first choice to star in this film, but due to other commitments she left and Woodley replaced her

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After promoting Jungle Cruise to ensure its success, its star, Jack Whitehall, has already started work on his next project. Sci-fi and comedy movie ‘Robots’ starring Shailene Woodley and Whitehall has begun filming today in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Earlier, Emma Roberts was tapped to star in this film when it was announced back in June 2020, but due to other commitments, she left the project. Woodley replaced her few months and now she will be leading the movie opposite Whitehall.

“Robots” is a witty sci-fi, comedy set in a near-future America that follows a womanizer, Charles, and a gold digger, Elaine, who dupe people into relations with illegal robots replicas of themselves. When they unknowingly utilize this deception on each other, their robot counterparts fall in love and elope, causing Charles and Elaine to work together to track them down before the authorities figure out what they're up to.

Jack Whitehall also posted a picture of him confirming that "Robots" has begun production.


The film is based on the short story by sci-fi writer Robert Sheckley. Anthony Hines and Casper Christensen have written the script along with directing it.

At the time of announcing this movie, director Hines said, “When this idea was first planned, it seemed meaningful — and, at the risk of sounding arrogantly self-important, it now appears nearly essential. Set against the backdrop of an America sown by the present government (post-Trump America), empathy has been devalued, and one underclass has been evicted, only to be replaced by another: robots.”

Stephen Hamel, who developed the project under his Company Films banner, and Cassian Elwes at Elevated are the producers. Jere Hausfater is executive producer.



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