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‘Sincerely Daisy’ Netflix Movie Review - Exhaustively, A Teen!

The movie follows a happy high school graduate, whose dreams, romance, and confidence are shaken when family and relationship drama put her plans for the future in doubt

Riya Singh - Sun, 23 Oct 2022 14:46:06 +0100 2669 Views
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Daisy deals with her backstabbing best friend and a two-timer boyfriend in the movie while also dealing with losing the lead role in the school's play. Her parents are there to support her, and Lisa acts like her shadow. The movie is about Daisy, her arduous life as a teenager who just topped her KCSE exams, and her adorable parents who love and support her through all things.

The parents never hesitate to provide the best for their children, In Sincerely Daisy, the parents sell up their land just so that they could provide for Daisy’s tuition fees and send her to China.

Daisy’s mom and dad are hopeless romantics just like her. They try to be strict with her and have divided who has to be the friendly parent and who has to be the strict one. Daisy is franker with her father and shares even the smallest details with him. While the mother forces out the facts from the father and is usually the one lecturing her daughter. Occasionally, the parents can also be seen dancing in the kitchen with the radio playing in the background.

The relationship shared by Fred (Daisy’s father) and his mother-in-law is so funny to watch. The mother regularly takes digs at him and makes him do so much work. He also imitated her mother-in-law several times and complained to her wife that his mother doesn’t come that often. There are typical husband-wife fight scenes like the one with the mother-in-law at the center. This will be relatable to the audience and will make them laugh.

There’s a scene in which the whole family is sitting together at the dining table. Her grandma reveals at the table how her mom had many boys follow her home. This was a shocker to Daisy as she had believed her father was the first man in her mother’s life.

The thought of Daisy leaving for China doesn’t feel right to her mother as she wants her kid to be with her at all times. But, she is now ready to fly from her mother’s nest, and Wendy (Daisy’s mother) had to make peace with this fact. Just like these incidents, there are many scenes in the film that feel so relatable.

I think this 88-minute movie is a good option if you want prospects to watch something with your family. There are no unnecessary twists and turns or drama. The story just feels so good to watch, Sincerely Diary is more of a family film than a teen film and precedes the events before the main character leaves for China. The actors have done a brilliant job.

The main point of focus in Sincerely Daisy remained the emotions and how they changed with time. The creators have done a brilliant role in showing what was going on with the characters and how they tried to deal with it. Mostly, the approach of just focussing on the main characters is followed, but the same isn’t done here. The movie can be considered as the diary entry of the lead and how she with the aid of her family and friends coped with the changes in her life.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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