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‘Singapennae’ Netflix Series Review - A Poorly Executed Title

While being pursued by police authorities and a brutal criminal gang, a secret group of female vigilantes avenges crimes against women.

Riya Singh - Thu, 19 Oct 2023 07:47:52 +0100 721 Views
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Singapennae is about four women standing up for the other women who are being treated badly in their lives. They have started a secret group that operates to stop women abuse. The idea seems good and motivating, but wait until you see it in action.

Belonging to different backgrounds, Vijaya, Jaq, Jhan, and Maya form a great team as it allows them to operate smoothly. They kick off their operations by helping a women who was duped for her life savings. Simultaneously, they also get involved with a trafficker. The series is mainly about them fighting for justice.

The first episode is wasted upon introduction and looking at the time management from this episode itself, we can figure out how it will perform. The writers also tried to include comedy in the plot, but it didn’t fit well.

Vijaya is a hackerc, and her character is shown to be a woman who can’t give time to her family due to professional engagements. Jaq is an aggressive woman and she can not be described in mere words as she doesn’t know what she is doing. She’s like a woman who has constant mood swings and whose next moves can not be predicted. Jhan and Maya come off as better characters and I liked the scenes in which Maya’s love for old ‘80s songs is shown.

Singapennae fails horribly in the field of acting and action. What else remains in this series after these two things? Absolutely nothing. I think that the makers had a good idea about what they wanted to show, but they were not able to find the right people do to this job.

In the action scenes, I was able to see punches going in the air. The part where actors don't hit each other in these scenes is well known, but at least on the screen, it should feel like they are hitting each other. Also, the punches were so feeble that when we saw the person in front of them acting like they got hurt, it was funny. Another horrible thing was the rhythm in which the cast was hitting each other. I was able to see dance-like moves and even some scenes of the fight were repeated just to portray a good fight.

The series didn’t deserve sixteen episodes and just six would have been sufficient. Singapennae isn’t worth a watch and your time. If the equal amount of attention that had been dedicated to makeup and outfits had been given to the acting department, the series might have performed better.

Also, what was it with the characters behaving so angrily even if someone casually touches them? Being an audience and understanding the abuse they are fighting for, some scenes were weird and seemed unacceptable.

I didn’t find a single actor who did their job properly. The whole team behind Singapennae failed miserably. The Tamil series served as an example of what the result might seem like if you invest a lot of money but in the wrong departments. Even in the ultimate fight scenes, my focus was the purple lipstick that a character wore.

Final Score – [1/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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