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‘Six in the City’ (2023) Netflix Movie Review - Road-tripping Through Male Melodrama

The movie follows Paul and his friends as they navigate their emotional baggage while trying to cheer him up after a disastrous breakup

Anjali Sharma - Thu, 07 Dec 2023 18:13:53 +0000 1958 Views
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"Six in the City" aims to capture the chaotic yet endearing rollercoaster of male friendships, but much like a delayed Uber, it arrives with a mix of hits and misses. Directed by Star Mphahlele, this South African flick unboxes a boxful of relatable characters, a local flavor akin to a good ol' braai, but also serves up a platter of clichés with a side of inconsistent character development.

Picture this: a promising romance implodes into a black hole of despair as Paul gets robbed of more than just his heart—his entire life's inventory vanishes, including the ring meant to symbolize eternal love. If that doesn't plunge you into the depths of melancholy, cue the arrival of his entourage of buddies—Gigi, Steve, Ryan, Kagiso, and Brian—like a pack of emotional first responders.

The plot, like a South African sunrise, initially promises an engaging journey. A heartbroken Paul, drowning in the Cape Town waves of despair, finds his life preservers in the form of his pals, who dash from Johannesburg to mend his shattered pieces. But wait, the baggage carousel has more than just Paul's emotional baggage spinning out.

The film's triumphs lie in its characters; they're the Potjie pot simmering with relatability. You'll find yourself nodding along as these lads navigate the labyrinth of male camaraderie. Their quirks and camaraderie hit home, striking that chord of familiarity many will appreciate. It's like sitting around a braai, swapping stories with old mates—familiar, comfortable, and occasionally spiced with unexpected flavors.

However, amidst this bouquet of local charm lies a bouquet garni of pitfalls. Cue the eye-rolling dialogues, as predictable as rush-hour traffic. The exchanges sometimes feel like they were copy-pasted from a "How to Console Your Buddy 101" manual, lacking the spontaneity that could have added zest to the interactions. You can only roll your eyes so many times before they get stuck in the ceiling.

And then there's the pacing or lack thereof. As picturesque as Cape Town's vistas are, the movie's pacing might need a caffeine injection. It saunters along at a leisurely pace, occasionally tripping over its own feet, testing your attention span. If you're expecting a thrill-a-minute ride, you might find yourself dozing off on the slow scenic route.

Character development? It's like attempting to herd cats on a windy day—some moments it clicks, and you nod approvingly, but more often than not, you'll find yourself scratching your head wondering where the emotional resolution wandered off to. The baggage these friends carry feels like a suitcase left on a carousel, occasionally circling back but never quite getting unpacked fully.

In essence, "Six in the City" is like that group hangout where moments of hearty laughter mingle with awkward silence. It's the South African braai that starts off with high expectations but might leave you hungering for a bit more spice. It’s a cinematic venture that shines in its attempt to celebrate camaraderie but falters on the journey with its uneven steps.

So, if you're in for a feel-good ride through the streets of friendship, ready to soak in the local vibes, and forgiving enough to overlook some clichéd detours, gather your own entourage, and give "Six in the City" a spin. Just pack some patience in your emotional baggage; you might need it for this trip.

Final Score- [6/10]
Reviewed by - Anjali Sharma
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