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Sofia Carson’s Romantic Drama ‘Purple Hearts’ Trailer and Release Date on Netflix

The movie follows an aspiring musician, who agrees to a marriage of convenience with a Marine, but a catastrophe soon makes their fake love all too real

Bradley - Tue, 12 Jul 2022 18:12:09 +0100 4623 Views
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Netflix has revealed the first trailer for the romantic drama movie, ‘Purple Hearts.’ Starring Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine, the movie will release on July 29 on Netflix, worldwide.

In the movie, Cassie Salazar (Sofia Carson), an aspiring singer-songwriter, has just one goal in mind: to share her voice with the rest of the world. Chasing her aspirations isn't easy when she's working numerous jobs and attempting to manage her Type I diabetes. Cassie has seen how the "Land of the Free" has been anything but for individuals like her, having been raised by an immigrant single mother and navigating a brutal healthcare system. The highly anticipated film delves into the complexities of falling for someone you never intended to fall for.

When Cassie meets US Marine Luke Morrow (Nicholas Galitzine) by happenstance, it's obvious that they couldn't be more different. Luke is willing to risk his life to fight for his nation and doesn't comprehend what Cassie is doing other than complaining. Despite their contrasting worldviews, they are linked by debts. Cassie decides to marry Luke after learning that marine wives receive full health benefits and additional salary. Although their marriage is just temporary, their true affections for each other are revealed when Luke is forced to return home sooner than intended due to an unfortunate tragedy.

Purple Hearts stars Sofia Carson as Cassie Salazar, a passionate singer-songwriter who always leaves her ego at the door and Nicholas Galitzine plays Luke Morrow, a clean-cut marine who’s ready for deployment.

“I was telling the real story of a young woman, daughter of an immigrant single mother who has fought for everything in her life,” Carson told in an interview with Netflix. “Her story is raw and real and beautiful, but often filled with trauma, loss, injustice and the reality of an unfair system.” 

I felt compelled to immerse myself as much in the military culture as possible before taking on this role,” tells Nicholas Galitzine to Netflix. “I think there’s such specificity that is required to play such a character, so it was very much about understanding the process of creating a marine.”

Purple Hearts is directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum from a screenplay written by Liz W. Garcia and Kyle Jarrow. The film also stars Anthony Ippolito, Linden Ashby, John Harlan Kim, Chosen Jacobs, Kat Cunning, and more among others.



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