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‘Stranger Things’ S4 & ‘Sex Education’ S3 Premiere Date on Netflix, Leaked?

An Instagram page has claimed to get the exact premiere dates of popular returning Netflix shows that includes Stranger Things, You, Sex Education, Lucifer, Cobra Kai, and more

Bradley - Sat, 19 Jun 2021 13:05:56 +0100 6502 Views
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There is a fresh rumor in the air and this time it's related to the leaked premiere date of Netflix's top returning shows. There is a list doing the rounds on Twitter and Reddit, which consist of the leaked premiere date for some of the top Netflix shows, however, the shows' names are not mentioned in the list, instead, it's represented by their genre and description.

According to deuxmoi, the page which first posted this rumor on their Instagram story (leaked premiere dates), we can expect these dates to be announced during the next months' Netflix earnings call or near future.

The first thing mentioned in the list is British teen dramedy, season 3 on October 1. We searched and found out Sex Education is the only British dramedy whose season 3 is due this year. So, it's very likely that Sex Education which has completed production on season 3 might premiere on 1st October.

We have a popular fantasy drama, season 2 coming on October 29. Many are claiming this to be The Witcher season 2 premiere date as it matches the description, but it is very likely to be Locke & Key season 2, which also has the same description and Netflix has already confirmed that the show will return for its second season this October (exact premiere date not officially revealed yet). As far as The Witcher is concerned, season 2 is likely to return this December as per our source.

The most exciting part of this list, popular horror sci-fi drama, season 4, which is "Stranger Things 4" premiering on March 18, 2022. Recent news and reveals from the cast have indicated that season 4 of Stranger Things is very likely to premiere early next year due to a delay in production this year. So, this date might be real or at least closer to the real premiere date, which is yet to be decided by Netflix.

The list also includes psychological crime thriller, season 3 on November 24, which is likely to be "You" Season 3. Popular martial arts dramedy season 4 on December 17, which is "Cobra Kai" season 4. Popular fantasy police dramedy, the final season on January 14, 2022, is "Lucifer" season 6. Popular crime drama, season 4 on Feb. 18, 2022, which is "Ozark" season 4. And finally, popular teen dramedy final season on March 4, 2022, which might be "On My Block" season 4. 

The list appears to be very closer to reality as these shows are ready for the given timeline. My doubt is only for Lucifer season 6 and On My Block season 4 dates, which will be hopefully cleared in the upcoming weeks.

Before we completely trust these dates let me be clear, we do not have confirmation on any of these dates except Locke & Key season 2. The description of the deuxmoi page says, "curators of pop culture, statements made on this account have not been independently confirmed. this account does not claim any information published is based in fact." You can visit them @ https://www.instagram.com/deuxmoi/

Below is the compiled list:

Sex Education season 3:  October 1

Locke & Key season 2: October 29

Stranger Things season 4: March 18, 2022

You Season 3: November 24

Cobra Kai Season 4: December 17

Lucifer season 6: January 14, 2022

Ozark season 4: February 18, 2022

On My Block season 4: March 4, 2022

The Witcher season 2: December 2021



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