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Student Analysis: How Movies Reflect Real Life

Movies can have a tangible impact on a person’s life as some are revolutionary while others teach you a lesson

Cory Shilling - Thu, 15 Dec 2022 18:56:26 +0000 2154 Views
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Every person has watched at least one film in their lifetime. They invoke emotions, critical thinking, and a chance to analyze everything from a personal point of view. That is one main reason different people tend to lean towards their favorite genres. People have subjective perspectives on movies and entertainment. That grants the public an exciting view of others’ opinions.

But were you aware that movies can have a tangible impact on a person’s life? Some are revolutionary. Others teach you a lesson. There is a reason Morgan Freeman’s voice hits a soft spot for many people. It also impacts a student’s way of life and can become part of education. Hence, this article will focus on how movies reflecting real life can influence a college student’s analytical skills.

How Students Can Deal with Life Issues

A university student’s experience can be draining, confusing, and depressing. Everyone goes through the motions of finding their bearings. That is why it is vital to address the common issues one battles throughout their academic career. When one needs to be inspired, one should be looking for essays on life issues to achieve good grades. Access to free essay examples allows you further to explore the academic and personal aspects of life. An essay about life is nothing short of a motivational and inspirational piece. You learn from others who are more equipped than you are.

That said, dealing with issues during your college experience is challenging. Frequently, people need more time to reflect upon their mental state. Shuffling between homework, exams, projects, and research is difficult for anyone. However, this is where features come in handy. Many watch them to escape complications. Others utilize the power films have and pinpoint all the lessons they can extract from them.

5 Ways Movies Establish Critical Thinking

It is essential to establish the concept of critical thinking first. This term is when one group all the facts, observations, and reasoning to formulate their judgment about an issue. This assists students in their research, exams, and overall communication skills. Below is a more detailed view of how pictures can impact the critical thinking aspect of a person’s life.

1. Learn Appreciation

Feeling lost during college is mentally draining. However, individuals often forget to appreciate the things around them. Watching wholesome videos about real-life impacts the way you perceive your own. The film “Pursuit of Happyness” revolves around a father hustling to keep his little kid alive and well. It is one of the many that makes you grateful for all your parents have accomplished for you. If you have not watched the movie, you should check out Will Smith and his son’s excellent performances.

2. Fuel Your Fire

As a college student, you sometimes lose track of your goals and aspirations. Now, let us assume you are studying physics. A great movie that has physics fanatics rambling on is “Interstellar.” It is cinematically beautiful, and the physics is in almost every scene. Such pictures have the potential to refuel your dying passion and push you toward your goals.

3. Increase Your Awareness About Real Life

Now, individuals often shun themselves and watch their favorite TV shows. While that is not an issue, it is essential to escape the bubble occasionally. Hence, films can be a gateway to enhancing your education. While some are distressing, such as ones revolving around human rights, it inevitably teaches you a lesson. While it is not a life lesson, it allows you to expand your viewpoint and put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

4. “Never Take it to Heart” Rule

According to research, emotions are the hub for understanding how humans function. We witness our feelings take over the best of us and turn to anger, love, hatred, or even tears. Over time, watching pictures teaches you not to take everything you see or hear to heart. Movies are unquestionably influential, which is why some might harm you. This leads to the need to control one’s reactions to whatever one watches or hears. Over time, you establish immunity, and movies become means of extracting lessons rather than purely emotional triggers.

5. Accepting Diverse Perspectives

People can analyze each movie’s depiction uniquely. As a group of students, if you must explore a picture, you will quickly realize how each person has their viewpoints. That is the essence of cinema in college and school. They allow you to openly discuss plots, character development, scenes, and cinematic effects.

Final Words

Extracting the essence of a feature is an arduous task. Not only does it demand consistency, but it can be challenging to focus on the gist. That is why people should merge the best of both worlds. It is relaxing to watch a nostalgic piece, but it is educational to check more elaborate ones.

Hence, it would be best if you always attempted to extract the vital lessons from any creative work you stumble upon. Always refer to the points mentioned above, as they will allow you to establish the skill of analytical thinking, empathy, and overall understanding.

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At his core, Cory Shilling is enthusiastic about technology, cinema, and education. His dreams come true when he can write about a mixture of all three topics. His goals include raising awareness about various issues in those fields and allowing others to benefit from his personal life experience.



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