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Swedish Comedy Series ‘Anxious People’ Gets Trailer and Release Date at Netflix

Based on the best-selling book by Fredrik Backman, the series follows a failed bank robbery that ends up with eight hostages at an open house

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Netflix has revealed an extended trailer (watch above) and set the premiere date for the Swedish comedy series, “Anxious People.” Based on the Novel by bestselling author Fredrik Backman, “Anxious People” will release on December 29 on Netflix, worldwide.

Anxious People is a ridiculously hilarious comedy about a hostage situation during an open house. A failed bank robber marries an overzealous real estate salesperson, two bitter IKEA addicts, a pregnant lady, a desperate multi-millionaire, and a damn bunny. Finally, the thief gives up and lets everyone leave, but when the cops arrive, the apartment is...empty.

Following that, the witnesses all recount their version of what happened in a succession of dysfunctional testimony, and a classic jigsaw mystery builds around the questions: How did the robber manage to escape? What's the deal with everyone's rage? And, more importantly, what is WRONG with people these days? All the while, the prisoners share a common secret, forging a unique and nearly unbreakable relationship between them.

Alfred Svensson will play the lead role as Jack, and Dan Ekborg is playing his dad, Jim. The rest of the ensemble consists of Leif Andrée as Roger, Sascha Zacharias, Carla Sehn, Petrina Solange, Marika Lagercrantz as Anna-Lena, Anna Granath as Zarah, Per Andersson as Lennart, Sofia Ledarp as Maria, hima Niavarani as Milou, Lottie Ejebrant as Estelle, and Vera Herngren.

Directed by Felix Herngren, the screenplay for the series is written by Camilla Ahlgren (head writer) and Alex Haridi. Anna Carlsten is the producer with Fatima Varhos and Pontus Edgren from FLX, Fredrik Backman, Neda Backman, and Tor Jonasson, from Salomonsson Agency as executive producers.



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