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‘Tenet’ CAM Print Surprises Pirates with Good Quality

While tracking Tenet, we also observed that Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther is the most downloaded/pirated film in the last 48hrs

Bradley - Mon, 31 Aug 2020 05:02:12 +0100 13259 Views
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Tenet was released this Friday in theaters in European countries and to the surprise of everyone, it's doing very well at the box office with a $53 million collection on its debut. On the other side, it was also carrying a huge piracy risk because of the different release dates worldwide, and as predicted it is already out on many pirate sites including torrents with a CAM print.


We decided to track down a few pirate download websites and to the surprise of everyone, the CAM print is way better than what we have seen in the past releases. The video quality is better and looks like it has been captured in an almost empty cinema hall with no audience.


Generally, the first pirated print for a film released in theaters is always a CAMrip (audio/video recorded with camera) or TSrip (better sound quality). This time its a CAM print recorded on 1080p settings which have resulted in a good quality video. Many sites or forums rate the audio/video of the source and we found Tenet CAMrip rated as 8/10 for video and 6/10 for audio.


The pirated copy is also available in the torrentz and any other torrent websites but surprisingly most of the pirates are not showing much interest in it. At the time of writing this article, Tenet was trending at no. 7 on Torrentz and no. 34 on PirateBay, but this may have to do with a quick copyright strike by Warner Bros. which is on alert, but we are not sure as we saw only one torrent which was related to Tenet which was removed due to copyright infringement.


Contrary to the torrent sites, we saw Tenet trending on no. 1 and np. 2 on many downloads and online streaming pirate sites. The most popular 1080p rip which is 2.66GB in size has seen more than 50K downloads in the last 24hrs according to the site data.


We tracked these pirate sites by dividing them into two categories based on their Alexa ranking, one which is popular in the US and one which is popular in Asia (India). Not to a surprise, the Indians were showing much more interest than the people in the US. The CAMrip was not available in most of the very popular pirate websites, and that may be the reason its popularity is limited to few websites.


While tracking Tenet, we also observed that Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther is the most downloaded/pirated film in the last 48hrs and its BRrip was no. 1 in almost 20 download/torrent websites that we tracked. And this has everything to do with the passing of Boseman due to cancer this past weekend.


Christopher Nolan's Tenet is releasing in the US, China, and Russia on Sept. 4, so the US audience is not likely to go on the path of piracy and they may decide to watch and experience the film in theaters even during these COVID times. But the same cannot be said for the Indian audience as the theaters are shut and there is no way Tenet is arriving in the country for at least the next 2 months.



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