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TENET Reviews Report: A Complicated Film With Stunning Visuals

Our Review report tells that Tenet is an amazing but complicated time-travel thriller with stunning visuals but it’s still not the Nolan’s best work

Bradley - Fri, 21 Aug 2020 19:34:07 +0100 1780 Views
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The long-awaited Christopher Nolan's film Tenet will finally be coming out next week in theaters outside the USA. The early reviews of the film are out. The film has been reviewed by top entertainment media outlets and so far has got mixed but more positive responses.

Since we are not getting to watch the movie any time soon, we decided to create a review report combining the conclusion of all the reviews available publically so far and then rate the film. Below we have tried our best to tell the audience if it's worth a shot.

So far there are 30 critics reviews are out on rotten tomatoes and while everyone has given somewhat given good ratings to the film, most of the reviewers are almost of similar opinion about it.


The film is a bit longer than what it should have been but the plot of the film with slow progress justifies the duration. Before the release of the film, there was a lot of chit-chat about the film to be a tribute to Inception but Tenet has turned out to be more complicated and with a lot of scientific terms which will be hard for a general audience to get.

The time-travel action-thriller is asking to be watched with a hell lot of concentration or in a few minutes it can pass above your head. The thrill is there if you have patience otherwise it's a boring 2.5-hour film. The visuals are amazing which will help you focus even with boring dialogues.


The film lacks experienced actors which used to be part of previous Nolan's films. While this film has David Washington but his presence is more of a physical as he is not able to create that emotional attachment. Elizabeth Debicki's character has been holding the film and creating a connection with the audience. Robert Pattinson's presence has not been felt much.


The film is more of a James Bond kind of spy film with time travel, nuclear physics, thermodynamics, and other complicated things that are not generally understood.


Few reviewers also pointed out that they have to watch the film twice to understand and write the review more accurately. So this means that audience also has to be ready to give it a second chance if they do not understand at first.

Most of the reviewers are of a similar opinion that this is not Nolan's best work. His previous film Dunkirk was way better than this but still in times like these the film is still worth watching.


In the conclusion of this review report, I would like to say that, the film is complicated, visually amazing, a little boring, with average acting, but also exciting.

Our final rating will be 7.8/10

Below is the trailer, the film will be opening in Europe, New Zealand, Canada & Saudi on 28th while in the US, China & Russia on September 4. The film has currently no plan to release in India.




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