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Netflix ‘That Girl Lay Lay’ Season 2 Review - A Typical Nickelodeon Drama

That Girl Lay Lay is a charming and funny kids’ show about an AI girl who jumps out of a phone app to help the protagonist enjoy a better life

Ishita Chatterjee - Thu, 23 Feb 2023 16:01:35 +0000 4451 Views
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A girl comes out of an app and makes the life of the main character better. That’s the one-line synopsis of this kids’ show. And it is thoroughly a kids' show because the puns and dialogues will make anyone above the age of 15 cringe. However, Alaya High as the titular Lay Lay, and Gabrielle Nevaeh Green as Sadie are charismatic and funny enough to make the show work.

Season one sets up who Lay Lay is and by the end of the show, we see Sadie and her being roommates. In season 2 Lay Lay and Sadie are back on their shenanigans, but this time the stakes are a little bit bigger. Or at least they are for the opening two-parter. In episodes one and two, we see Sadie’s parents Trish (Tiffany Daniels) and Bryce (Thomas Hobson) get an award and they want Iggy Azalea to introduce them on stage. Meanwhile, Sadie’s brother Marky (Peyton Perrine III) is planning to start a new business venture where he wants to sell an instant shaving cream.

Since Marky knows Lay Lay’s secret, he blackmails his sister and Lay Lay to get all the packaging for his shaving cream business done or he threatens to tell his parents about the secret. Why doesn’t the AI-human girl just freeze him for an indefinite time instead of accepting his rules? After all, she has the power to freeze time. But we can’t ask such questions because it’s a kids' show and keeping a child frozen till he acquiesces probably won’t be accepted by the parents in the show or in real life.

Also, that would make the show way more serious than it has any interest in being. So the duo reluctantly gets working. However, thanks to Lay Lay getting super speed, she gets the packaging done faster. But there’s a problem, she’s glitching and hiccuping. This inevitably creates an issue at the awards ceremony. So how do they solve it? The answer to that is simpler than anything you are thinking about right now.

They figure out that Lay Lay’s hiccups are causing her to glitch. So they fix that and now everything is great. As for the awards ceremony? Iggy Azalea doesn’t show up so Lay Lay and Sadie save the day with their dance. This structure is followed by the rest of the episodes as well. There are no stakes or anything even remotely exciting except cringy dances and puns. But then again, I am not the target demographic for the show.

However, the show provides a positive representation and focuses on the importance of friendship, having a family, and having fun. Also, the actors carry the show brilliantly and make weird dialogues and motions work very well. Additionally, you don’t need to start from episode one of season one to understand what’s going on. You can start watching from anywhere since the episodes work as standalone quite well. After all, they don’t have any substantial overarching plot arc. So overall, it’s a show kids will love.

Final Score – [6/10]
Reviewed by - Ishita Chatterjee
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