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‘The Accidental Twins’ Netflix Review - The Wholesome Foursome

In this intriguing documentary, two pairs of identical twins who were exchanged at birth in Colombia examine their complicated backgrounds and new identities.

Riya Singh - Thu, 20 Jun 2024 22:25:38 +0100 937 Views
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I think that the story shown in The Accidental Twins is unique and such incidents I've only seen in soap operas. The thought of this happening in real life is terrifying and it pains to know what the families must have gone through. Realizing after twenty-five years that the boy they've been thinking of as their own is in reality someone else's blood is chilling.

What started as workplace chatter permanently changed the lives of four individuals. It was when a co-worker spotted her colleague in a butcher shop, she found it weird that he wasn't acknowledging her. Then the theory of the doppelganger crossed their minds and soon it was discovered that the man's brother too was just like the doppelganger’s brother. It might sound confusing to our readers and the same was felt by those four boys.

One day, a meeting was set up and they met each other. Feeling like they're looking in a mirror, they slowly start noticing how even certain expressions, responses, and movements too are similar. Then something strange happens again as now it's discovered that this pair of identical twins were accidentally swapped in the hospital and the realization was too late that they couldn't even sue the hospital authorities.

The story of this strange incident caught many eyes and the boys went ahead and told their story on national television through various interviews. What bothered me was how they'll be able to cope with the reality that the parents they've been living with are not actually theirs. A lot of time in this documentary has been spent discussing the same issue and there are scenes where they're seen getting emotional.

The story highlighted in the documentary deserves attention and I hope such errors don't happen in hospitals as this is a huge loss for the family members. However, the amount of time that's been used to repeatedly tell the same thing bores you and nobody's on Netflix to watch something boring. They could've made it watchable by introducing a different method of storytelling. This is where many documentaries fail to capture the attention of the audience.

The Accidental Twins shows the inner turmoil faced by the mother and when one of the twins points out that they have lost their life, the chances they could have it truly brings out the depth of the situation. Interviews from various other individuals like lawyers, journalists, and the nurses working in the hospital have also been included. It will amuse the audience how the aunt or the mother didn't realize that he wasn't their child. Every mother knows their kid and how it went unnoticed is sad.

You can watch The Accidental Twins by skipping some parts like where they're telling the same story repeatedly. Other than that, it's a decent watch.

Final Score – [5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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