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‘The Blood of the Dinosaurs’ Short Film Review - Joe Badon’s Absurd and Amusing Vision

In the film, a lonely Children’s Show host, Uncle Bobbo teaches children where oil comes from

Vikas Yadav - Tue, 20 Sep 2022 20:40:12 +0100 2896 Views
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The Blood of the Dinosaurs opens with a woman asking Joe what the hell his film is about. "We are gonna talk about from the beginning? You wanna talk about from the beginning," replies Joe. The 17-minute short film takes its cue and indeed goes back to the very beginning: The age of the dinosaurs. We see the fall of this species as a meteor hits the earth. The miniature toys and the fireworks imbue this scene with childlike imagination. It's only fitting then that The Blood of the Dinosaurs soon moves inside the sets of a children's show, a la Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

But this ridiculously titled children's show is hosted by a creepy man named Uncle Bobbo (Vincent Stalba). When he looks at the camera and says he had been searching for you under the table for 45 minutes, you think he might have murderous motivations. Forget hosting a children's show; I won't even hire him for a babysitting gig (unless the baby is Satan himself). Because, if that comically nightmarish scene is true, Uncle Bobbo roars like a demon and could very well devour a newborn. That's why Purity (Stella Creel), a young girl, should be awarded a bravery award as she manages to calmly assist Uncle Bobbo during the show.

Only the title of Joe Badon's short film makes complete sense. As far as the actual short is concerned, I am not sure I "got it" or even if it carries a meaningful message. When a woman interpreted a childbirth scene towards the end, I was torn between taking it seriously and laughing at it. But I don't think The Blood of the Dinosaurs is meant to be viewed through a contemplative lens, or rather it's much more enjoyable as casual entertainment. Soak in the images as that would prove to be more fun than coming up with profound explanations. Just sit back and take in wild and suggestive visuals like how an oil drilling machine, a water pump, and a sewing machine blend with sexual performance. This video is aptly titled "Oil Derrick Deep Penetration." After these particular images, the sight of a coke volcano automatically seems like ejaculation. A few moments later, some doctors are seen wearing 3D glasses while a lady gives birth to her child in a hospital. Things only get crazier.

Badon's short film is absurd and amusing. If the above descriptions have piqued your curiosity, you might enjoy watching The Blood of the Dinosaurs, which is set to screen at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX, on September 27th.

Reviewed by - Vikas Yadav
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