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‘The Boys’ Season 2 is the Most Talked About and Popular Series of 2020

‘The Boys’ season 2 premiered at the beginning of September, and since then, its graph has kept going upwards that has continued till weeks after the finale

Bradley - Fri, 25 Dec 2020 16:25:28 +0000 3699 Views
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COVID may have been the talking point throughout 2020, but that didn't stop anyone to talk about a good show or film. ‘The Boys’ is one of these shows that made people's mind deviate from the distressing issue of COVID and have a good time. Season 2 of ‘The Boys’ became the talking point amidst an ongoing pandemic and forgetting everything, people discussed a TV series which entertained everyone who saw it and even who didn't watch it.

‘The Boys’ season 2 premiered at the beginning of September, and since then, its graph has kept going upwards that has continued till weeks after the finale. I have tried to analyze ‘The Boys’ popularity this year, what made season 2 so special, why it is the most talked-about series of 2020.

Many factors contribute to a show's popularity, from actors to the pre-release promos, everything matters. ‘The Boys’ season 1 was one of the underrated shows at the time of its premiere, but it picked and soon became hugely popular. Fortunately for the series, it was a 2 season order from the beginning, and there was no danger to its second season. The first teaser for season 2 was released in December 2019, and after that, there was not much activity from the cast or creator's side, but fans started to come forward with their season 2 theories.

Such was the rise of the popularity of the show, the series showrunner Eric Kripke announced a special event in June to announce the premiere date for the second season, that day #TheBoysAreBack trended on Twitter for almost a day. The first trailer for season 2 was also released in the same event, and it was trending in the top 10 on youtube and Reddit for days. The show's popularity picked up after that and never turned back, the second trailer came, the series panel in the comic-con event, the season 3 announcement, and a series of clips and promos before the premiere, all contributed hugely to the series popularity.

With all the promos and clips coming, some may think it was just hype before the release of a show, but this time the hype was real. The show's popularity gained almost 3-fold after the premiere of the first three episodes on September, 4. Season 2 has a 100% critic and audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, and it continued to trend on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter due to various reasons.

Billy Butcher's (Karl Urban) signature dialogue, 'Oye Cunt' was already popular from season 1, he continues to contribute more in the creation of memes along with Homelander and newest member Stormfront. Other characters including The Deep, Hughie, and Terror were also contributing to the meme fest. The sex scene between Homelander and Stormfront added a hell lot to the fan theories and gave a new kind of masala to the meme makers. I mean who can forget, "Laser my fuckin tits."

What added more fuel to the fiery popularity of ‘The Boys’ was episode 6 of season 2, when everyone saw the giant penis of the Love Sausage. There is no official survey, but that scene got to be the most discussed and meme factory scene in streaming/TV history. People on social sites are still talking about it.

Episode 7 was not far behind, which featured the porn version of The Seven and Vought's collection of porn DVDs of their favorite supes. Erick Kripke didn't lag in highlighting this, he even announced (Jokingly) that Sony should release all the porn DVDs of the supes.

The mind-blowing finale contributed the rest, and the show's popularity touched the sky, finally, "Fuck Fresca." So, in my analysis, I found that show's top leaders were contributing the most to its popularity. Leading from the front was showrunner Erick Kripke himself, followed by Jack Quaid, Anthony Starr, Karl Urban, and others including "The Boys" official social media accounts. They were not shying away from interacting with the audience or contributing to the meme fest. After the first three episodes were dropped together, the rest of the episodes came out weekly, this also contributed to the popularity as fans got enough time to come with their own theories for the next episode and create memes and cosplays. Amazon has really hit the bull's eye in terms of the perfect strategy this time.

"The Walking Dead" was very popular at the beginning of this year but the popularity faded as the season finale got delayed and even when it premiered, it didn't turn out to be so special. "The Umbrella Academy" season 2 was also very popular for a week or two, but its popularity faded as all the episodes were available to binge together on the same day. However, Umbrella Academy is still one of the most-watched shows of 2020 and may have been above ‘The Boys’ in terms of views.

Whatever may have been the start of 2020, but it is ending with a bang, The Mandalorian season 2 finale is the most popular finale of any shows this year, The Expanse has already shown what it's capable of, during its latest episode. The Queens Gambit, Alice in Borderland, Paranormal, and few others have already made this year memorable in terms of some good shows.

‘The Boys’ season 3 will return in 2022 with more fuckin diabolical content.



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