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‘The Claus Family 3’ Netflix Movie Review - Wait for Good Christmas Films Continues

When the delivery of gifts struggles and Grandpa Nol gets in trouble, siblings Jules and Noor must band together to rescue Christmas. Can they pull it off?

Riya Singh - Wed, 08 Nov 2023 18:53:42 +0000 629 Views
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The Claus Family 3 is a movie about the Claus’s going on a skiing vacation. What was supposed to be a happy time for the family to bond soon turned into a troublesome experience. The kids in the family: Norah and Jules share a good bond with their grandfather who in reality is Santa Claus. During their skiing vacation, Santa has to distribute gifts and since Jules knows about it, he is also going to assist him. On the train, Norah overhears their conversation and learns about the big family secret.

Being a ten-year-old girl, she couldn’t control her excitement and messed up things badly. From the beginning, Jules didn’t want to include his sister because he thought that she was incapable. Santa landed in a Mexican jail and now it is upon Jules and Norah to help him escape and deliver the gifts on time.

What did I learn from Norah and Jules? After creating so much trouble, the kids finally realized that teamwork is necessary, why did the kids take so much time and trouble to realize it? Norah was a kid and was always shown behaving recklessly. This is what kids do and a lot of focus has been paid on her mistakes.

Talking about the film's plot, there isn’t much for the adults to watch as it has been specifically made for the kids. If you want to sit with the children around you and have a good movie time, this might be an okay choice. Other than that, the plot is very predictable and will bore you.

I was impressed by the various scenes shown in the beginning as it gave Harry Potter vibes. The various scenes of the train moving across the bridge and the trees covered in snow were very beautiful and gave you Christmas vibes.

The child actors did a good job, but they didn’t show much of a potential. Usually, I’m amused by the talents the child actors show, but here the performance is average. The weight of the success of this film lies on their shoulders, and they underperformed.

The plot is typical and not much has been shown. The film is just 74 minutes long, and when I begin to wonder how much couldn’ve been shown, it gives a feeling of discontent. Why is the whole film about Norah messing up Christmas?

For distraction, a side character of Felix has been added which also serves as a lesson to the audience. If the movie focussed more on entertaining the audience instead of imparting moral values, it would have been fun to watch.

Also, what was the mother’s romantic relationship? The writers could have easily made it an interesting subplot rather, it was ruined for the audience. There were just three to four scenes and I wanted more of them. There were moments when I noticed that the writers tried their luck in humor and failed miserably. This one is a disaster in many ways and what saved it partially was just the beautiful shots and contrast of colors. The addition of good dialogues, correct utilization of characters, and equal importance to entertainment could have served the purpose right.

Final Score – [3.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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