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The Devil’s Plan Netflix Series Review - No Competition, No Progress

Over six nights and seven days, 12 participants compete in games of wit, strategy, and wisdom. Who will be declared the final winner?

Riya Singh - Tue, 26 Sep 2023 22:46:09 +0100 8517 Views
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Except for the first game I enjoyed watching all four episodes of The Devil’s Plan that have been released until now. The first game was tough to understand, and the narrator also took approximately five to ten minutes to explain it. In my opinion, the players too were confused about what to do in this one. Thus, a poor performance was seen. The rules were made clear from the following challenges.

If we look at the first game, it was interesting but had a poor execution. So, if I were to judge the show solely on this one then, it was a below-average start. The second challenge however was interesting. I liked how they were rotated on the platform to solve the puzzle. This required a team effort and they succeeded in that. Guillaume did the best, but The Devil’s Plan follows ‘the survival of the fittest.’

The contestants of The Devil’s Plan are interesting personalities. They all have a strong background which makes the competition tough. When they were introducing all the twelve players, the bar went high with each passing contestant. They’ve included diversity i.e., each player specialises in a different field.

There’s already one elimination, Guillaume was eliminated. I felt that it was too early to decide on his exemption. The rules were pretty tough and with limited episodes, the decision had to be made. The game gets intense with each passing episode. We get to see the players getting emotional and all tensed up. After approaching the fourth episode, the real faces of the contestants can be seen as the masks have come off.

ORBIT tried to be the group leader and work towards a better future despite that, what is shown in a teaser included at the end of the fourth episode suggests that he might not have everyone’s best interests at heart. Although he might be the one bearing the white flag, he might turn out to be fraudulent.

Each episode has two tasks that go in the favor of both the contestants and the audience. With this approach, it doesn’t make the reality TV show boring and the contestants also get to perform better in the second one if they underperform in the first one. There’s constant competition and we get to see who’s invested in the game and who is not.

The Devil’s Plan is an intensified version of Big Boss and those who’ve seen this one will like it too. There’s huge prize money and it will be worthwhile to see who gets to win. I haven’t formed a bias yet as not all the participants have exhibited their potential.

Time is of the essence in The Devil’s Plan and with talented performers, the following tasks will be interesting. In the fourth episode, the task that utilizes short-term memory was intense. There were at least 10 to 15 scenarios in the picture and they had to memorize it all in ten minutes. The audience gets to see team spirit and the lawyer wins our hearts.

For people searching for a good reality TV show, this one can be a part of your list. The alliances seem to be working in the favor of the contestants, but it won’t be long until these break. Collecting pieces (synonymous with currency in the show) and succeeding at every task is of prime importance. As per the rules, if any player is left with zero pieces then they’ll be eliminated.

Sharing the pieces was a thing done initially, but for how long will this be done? They’ve got to save themselves before saving or helping someone else. ORBIT’s theory will soon sound primitive and he’ll have a target on his back.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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