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The Expanse Season 4 Review: `We will miss Miller`

The Expanse Season 4 - The Space adventure continues

Roshan Kumar - Fri, 21 Feb 2020 15:32:24 +0000 1762 Views
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Without a Doubt `The Expanse` is the best Sci-fi and Space adventure show on Prime Video right now. Amazon buying the rights for the show once Syfy canceled it brought a huge relief to the fans. I am writing this review after watching the complete season and there are a lot of spoilers ahead.


The Space adventure shown in the first three seasons of the show continues to take every audience to an adventurous journey in the latest season as well.
All the characters almost have the same look and feel as the earlier seasons. There are some new faces `Burn Gorman` as Murtry, `Lyndie Greenwood` as Dr. Elvi, `Rosa Gilmore` as Lucia. `Keon Alexander` as Marco Inaros.

The Season 4 revolve around the `New Terra` and the gates that are opened through the ring created by protomolecule. Many belters are trying to cross the ring and go to New Terra in search of a livable place opened. The UN missions are monitoring the situation and also trying to discover new livable planets that have a property like Earth. The OPA is now in alliance with inners(earth and mars) and is guarding the gates and shooting the belters ship who are trying to cross the gates. Chrisjen Avasarala is fighting elections and politics around it is the happening
on earth.


What's the main attraction?
Murtry whose carrier box was shot down is trying to plan his revenge against belters on the newly discovered planet. But the biggest attraction of the show is once again Jim Holden whose talks with Joe Miller are again unlocking many mysteries of the newly found universe. Jim is on a special mission along with Naomi, Alex, and Amos on behalf of Chrisjen Avasarala to find the possibility of survival on a new planet. Dr. Elvi from Israel space research is also present there to help him. The story found new life with the battle between the belters and the Murtry team, here the show is very well crafted and Murtry who is showing no sympathy with belters is proving to be one of the toughest villains the show has brought. Millers' present can be felt throughout the show, he may not be seen in all the episodes but his name has been taken almost every 5-10 minutes.


What's the biggest Mystery?
Naomi Nagata, Yes she is the biggest mystery but not exactly, its the father of her child 'Marco Inaros' who is making an entry to this show in this season. Marco is proving to be one of the most mischievous and sharp characters in the show, he is the ability to convince and draw anyone into his fold through is speech is taking the whole alliance on a troubling roll. Marco has shown only a hint of his capability. The next season will be very likely to focus on Marco and his son.


The Best Moments:

  • Ashford will show one of the best entry stunts in the show and his death will bring the end to this entertaining character.
  • Miller finds a way to show up as a living being. The permanent death of Miller is the biggest happening in this show and by the looks of the events, this character has likely ended in this show. Miller has been the most attractive and curious case in the whole space adventure, his presence will be missed in the upcoming seasons.


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In the End, The Expanse season 4 turns out to be the best space adventure TV series currently. It has raised the expectation even higher for the upcoming season by introducing some curious characters. Please do write your opinion about this show in the comment box below.



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