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‘The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth’ Netflix Series Review - The Sensational Murder Case

This docuseries delves into the disappearance of Sheena Bora, 25, and the terrible aftermath, with new findings and extraordinary access.

Riya Singh - Sun, 03 Mar 2024 18:18:32 +0000 894 Views
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From being one of the most ambitious women in the city of dreams- Mumbai to being considered a psychopath, Indrani Mukerjea hasn’t left any stone unturned. After watching the entire series, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of love she had for Sheena and Mekhail. We are talking about a murder case here and if Indrani is innocent then why are there no tears in her eyes?

A mother is accused of killing her daughter and being a chance to come on screen to give her side of the story, what more chances does she want from her life? Still what she talks about is money and reputation. I wouldn’t contradict all the people who came into the series and said that she is a manipulative woman.

While commenting about Indrani, Mekhail also doesn’t seem innocent. The two main things I could pick up from his interview are his being admitted to a mental hospital based on his addiction to drugs and his repetitively asking for money. In the last episode, there’s a scene where the interviewer asks him why didn’t he inquire about Sheeba after she went missing, that too for three years. You can’t pose a Gandhi for your real sister’s absence.

One thing you’ll like about this Netflix docuseries made by India Today and another group is that interviewers have given the people their due time to clear up their side of the story. However, when the time came good and intelligent questions were asked. The best one was the closing scene in which Indrani was asked if she did or did not murder Sheena. The lady won’t admit to it, but the interviewers did their job diligently.

People in general don’t like documentary series, but this one has an undeniable charm to it. You forget about the ticking of the clock and are just stuck to the screen. I was shocked when I saw Indrani coming in the second episode to give her side of the story. To some extent, this also felt wrong. 

Inviting someone to speak on a platform used by millions of Indians could help in turning the case to her side. Indrani’s innocence hasn’t been proven yet so it would have been better if she had been kept away from the screen. Her lawyer Ranjeet Sangle too was very crisp and clever with his words.

All the people involved in the case most probably know about what happened on the day Sheena was murdered. They’ve kept their silence and come out as a deficient family. It took me more than ten minutes to understand the pedigree of this family, so you can only imagine who’s now involved in Sheena’s case.

Indrani undeniably was a bad mother and seeing how she even claimed that her daughter is still alive and living probably in Kashmir ridicules the audience. The documentary is capable of showing her in both a good and bad light, but it is up to you and how you form your opinions about her. I think that Vidhie is the only one who was unaware and got stuck in this mess.

Final Score – [8/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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