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‘The Marked Heart’ Season 2 Gets Trailer and Release Date on Netflix

After faking her death and fleeing the country, Camila is the victim of a hoax and returns to the chaos she had left behind, now increased to inconceivable levels

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Netflix has revealed the first trailer and release date for the second season of the Spanish-language series, ‘The Marked Heart.’ Originally titled, Pálpito, ‘The Marked Heart’ Season 2 will release on April 19, 2023, on Netflix, worldwide.

In the second season of The Marked Heart, after discovering that his wife, Camila, faked her death to disappear from his life, Zacarías Cienfuegos devises a master plan to bring her back and take revenge on Simón and shows that, sometimes, there is no other option than to become a murderer for love.

The first season of the Colombian series released in April last year follows the story of Camila Duarte, Zacarías Cienfuegos, and Simón Duque and will continue to make viewers' hearts race in the upcoming season.

Originally titled Pálpito, the first season follows Simón, who plunges into the dangerous world of organ trafficking after his wife was killed by organ traffickers. Simón's wife is murdered so that her heart can be removed and transplanted into Camila, a wealthy man's wife. Simon enters the deadly world of organ trafficking in search of vengeance. In his desperate pursuit, he will fall in love with Camila, the woman who has survived thanks to his murdered wife's heart. The climax comes when they both discover the truth.

Starring Ana Lucía Domínguez, Michel Brown, and Sebastián Martinez, ‘The Marked Heart’ Season 1 was #1 in the Top 10 non-English language TV titles on Netflix in over 68 countries. The thriller-drama comes from Venezuelan writer Leonardo Padrón, who, in addition to being a screenwriter and executive producer of The Marked Heart, signed an exclusive three-year creative deal with Netflix last year for the development of new shows and films. Read our ‘The Marked Heart’ Season 1 Review.



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