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‘The Misfits’ Movie Review: A Slick and Stylish Comedy-Thriller

THE MISFITS are a team of wealthy vigilantes, a scrappy but skilled crew who reappropriate money from wealthy scoundrels so they can give it to the poor and deserving

Ritika Kispotta - Wed, 16 Jun 2021 14:28:42 +0100 4583 Views
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Directed by Renny Harlin, The Misfits are led by Ringo (Nick Cannon), a  robber, and Violet (Jamie Chung), a martial arts professional who loves kicking ass. They additionally embrace somebody named Prince (Rami Jaber), with no reference to the mega-talented musician, and Wick (Mike Angelo), however, the important reason Pace gets concerned is that the latest Misfit happens to be his daughter Hope (Hermione Corfield). There’s another carrot on the stick for Pace within the style of Warner Schultz (Tim Roth), the Moriarty to Pace’s Sherlock, and therefore the guy who happens to run the jail that homes all that terrorism-funding gold.

This mirthful heist actioner is high on vogue, if short on substance. Stylistically, it's appealing from the opening scenes that introduce us to the film's various teams. Every member of The Misfits has skills related to extrajudicial behavior: killing, conning, and blowing stuff up. However simply because they are proficient at doing unhealthy does not imply they are bad; they are attempting to create a world that is simple. And therefore the young crew outsmarts the Boomers whose actions are unit continually entirely stingy -- even dashing, superstitious Pace is an absentee dad. That is whenever it gets interesting: Pace, a shady version of James Bond, is the main character, but, he's put in his place again and again by the "kids" who teach him life lessons. In an exceedingly real-world that appears out of management, it should feel empowering for younger generations to ascertain themselves as the ones swing things back in order -- and this is their world, so the scenery choked with stylish high-priced cars, fabulous locations, and even somebody walking a painter on a leash.

The Misfits’ plot is 90% narration, to the purpose where it becomes troublesome to follow the photographs on the screen whereas Cannon is talking your ear off. The insistence on narration appears to possess less to try and do with not trusting the audience to know the story (I cannot stress enough that it is improbably simple) but as an endeavor to feature flavor to the film while not really doing something with the filmmaking. That’s what loads of the film’s rhetorical thrives quantity to Garnishing a dish rather than seasoning it. An old-timey, black-and-white sequence opens the film whereas Cannon energetically explains a way to rob banks properly; comedic cutaways and flashback sequences punctuate the otherwise sloppy narrative; often zippy editing designs to make you feel like you’re watching something with personality in the same league as the Oceans franchise, which might be attributable to editor Colleen Rafferty.

The plot and story in The Misfits is also thin and believability could be non-existent, however, the full issue is delivered in such an exciting and thrilling way that it doesn’t matter. This is pure unadulterated entertainment  – and it doesn’t attempt to be something different than this.

Final Score – [5.8/10]
Reviewed by – Ritika Kispotta
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