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‘The Old Guard’ Fans are Demanding a “Joe & Nicky” Spin-off Movie from Netflix

“The Old Guard,” has already made to Netflix’s list of 10 most popular films and Joe and Nicky are the talk of the town as their van scene is getting shared all over the internet

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“The Old Guard,” has already made to Netflix’s list of 10 most popular original films ever and is tracking to reach 72 million households in its first four weeks but that's not it, the fans are now demanding a spin-off movie with Joe and Nicky at the center as they are very much impressed by the couple's romance.


Joe and Nicky’s scenes and dialogues from the film are all over the internet and fans are not able to get over it. Their conversation in the van when they were kidnapped from the church is getting shared all over social media. Luca Marinelli plays Nicky in the film and Joe is played by Marwan Kenzari. You can read their van conversation below:

Soldier : What is he? Your boyfriend?
Joe : You're a child. An infant. Your mocking is thus infantile. He's not my boyfriend. This man is more to me than you can dream. He's the moon when I'm lost in darkness and warmth when I shiver in cold. And his kiss still thrills me, even after a millennia. His heart overflows with the kindness of which this world is not worth of. I love this man beyond measure and reason. He's not my boyfriend. He's all and he's more.
Nicky : You're an incurable romantic.


In a recent interview Marwan Kenzari, when asked "What was it like to shoot the van scene?" said, “It was extremely important for me, since that scene is the heart of the character. Right at the beginning, I had conversations with Gina about it, and it moved me — there’s so much depth in those words. And it was tricky, too, because it can quickly turn into a sentimental thing. But Luca and I talked about it, we had fun in that van and we laughed a lot. It was a long night shoot, but it was well set up, since the camera was that close it was a good way to show this bit.”


So now that we know this famous couple, what are the chances of getting a spin-off. For that let's get into the history and figure out the possibilities. The stories starts almost 1000 years ago when Joe (once known as Yusuf “Joe” Al-Kaysanioe) and Nicky (once known as Nicolo “Nicky” di Genova) met as soldiers on opposite sides of the First Crusade. In the beginning, they were the biggest enemies of each other, they killed each other many times and thats how they discovered their immortality. But with time they adapted each other as they realized that they have no one except them with each other and all the violence eventually blossomed and they found love in in one another’s arms.


In the same interview Kenzari also talked about the backstory of Joe and Nicky, “It reminded me of epic scenes in Braveheart or Gladiator. It was important because of the fact that they are loves now — soul mates, symbiotically attached forever. It’s a strong message: the one on the opposite side becomes the other side of the heart that beats.” said Kenzari. “If you and I are lucky, we can be with someone that you love for a maximum amount of time as a human being. But you can only imagine what that would be like if you could be 1,000 years old. That creates a love relationship, but also a psychological relationship, a spiritual relationship, and emotional relationship that’s something we’ve never seen or experienced. In Greek mythology, and I especially thought of Achilles and Patroclus, they have this indescribable attachment, a huge rope that goes from Achilles’s heart to Patroclus’s heart.” You can read full interview here.


So as per their story, they have 1000 years of adventure and romance filled in them and that's a long time to not only make a film but a full TV series.


“The Old Guard” is already among the most watched films on the Netflix and it's soon expected to get into top 3 list. As per sources, Netflix has already made a deal and acquired the rights for Greg Rucka comicbooks to produce atleast 3 films and it's just a matter of time before Netflix formally announces the second film.


You can also comment below about your thoughts and theories on the spin-off movie.



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