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‘The Playlist’ (2022) Netflix Series Review - Definitely Makes it to Your Watchlist!

The fictionalized limited series follows a Swedish tech entrepreneur and his partners, who set out to revolutionize the music industry with a legal streaming platform

Poornima Balsu - Thu, 13 Oct 2022 16:49:15 +0100 4707 Views
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This newly released Swedish mini-series on Netflix is a show which takes us through the rough and exciting process of how the makers built up the famous Spotify app for music listeners. The show is inspired by the book The Spotify Play by Sevan Carlsson and Jonas Leijonhufvud, who are business reporters.

The series shows us how a 22-year-old Swedish self-taught coder called Daniel Ek brought a change into the industry by proving everyone with free, legal, and good-quality music through the app called Spotify. In this series, we have been given the story of how Spotify came up and how many rough roads the maker and his associates had to take to bring the app to where it is now. We see how Daniel and his partner Martin Lorentzon with their hard work provided this service to the world, which revolutionized the music industry as a whole and also the world of music lovers. Even though Daniel and Martin had to go through so many threats to their company, they followed their vision and achieved success. The series is not a documentary and is fictionalized, and also it is not a story of mere success. It is about the hard work, the way the tech/music industry works, and the lives of young entrepreneurs. The show is a package of everything related to this.

Through this series, we see how brazen and unwelcoming industries can be toward newbies. The story of Spotify’s origin has been modified to give it a dramatic effect. But the series has done a perfect job in trying to maintain the real facts and also not adding anything unethical just for drama. The series has a total of six episodes, each having a time duration of 45 – 57 minutes. The unrelenting will and the big dreams of the makers are what the world now enjoys by streaming legal-free music.

The show is very exciting and interesting thanks to how the makers have designed each of its episodes. Even though the main focus is on Daniel, the brainchild behind the inception of Spotify, every episode has been made engaging and switches up things making it easier for the audiences to have a great time watching the show. Each episode focuses on certain aspects which free the show from becoming monotonous. But due to this method, the show also lacked in certain aspects. Throughout the entire show, we see certain characters in one episode, and then they disappear for the rest of the show. This can make the viewers a bit confused about whom to focus on, but still, the show has tried to maintain a rhythm that is easy to follow.

The show has done an exceptionally good job of making us understand how big of a revolution Spotify was for the world as well as the industries concerned. The show is a pretty fascinating one to enjoy as we learn about the evolution of music in this manner. The series has a solid plot and is a well-done series and has all the abilities to take the audience for an enjoyable ride.

Final Score – [8/10]
Reviewed by - Poornima Balsu
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Publisher at Midgard Times



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