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‘The Rings of Power’ Episode 6 Clip Teases an Epic Battle Like “Helm’s Deep”

The sixth episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will see elf-turned Orc, Adar leading his army of Orcs to attack the watchtower of Ostirith as Arondir prepares to give a fight

Bradley - Thu, 29 Sep 2022 22:08:50 +0100 2879 Views
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Every Lord of the Rings fan remembers the Battle of Helm's Deep from "LOTR: The Two Towers," it is one of the most iconic battle scenes in cinematic history. The way the Battle of Helm's Deep, also called the Battle of the Hornburg was presented on the screen gave every viewer goosebumps. Now, a similar moment might be on its way in the upcoming sixth or seventh episode of The Rings of Power.

Prime Video has revealed a new clip/teaser from the sixth episode that shows Arondir and a small group of commoners taking on the Orcs at the watchtower of Ostirith. The last episode saw Arondir and Bronwyn asking the people of Southlands stuck at the watchtower, to fight against the evil orcs led by Adar, who has given the ultimatum to join him or die. Bronwyn was trying to get Southlanders to prepare for the upcoming battle, but some decided to join the army of the orcs, including Waldreg, who had earlier told Theo that he has sworn his allegiance to Sauron. With just a handful of people left at the watchtower, the war already seems to be lost, but the Southlanders are not going down without a fight, and that's what can make it special. 

The Battle of Helm’s Deep was legendary in many ways. King Théoden with a handful of soldiers, including old men and children, was facing the wrath of Saruman's best army. There was fear in the eyes of those men who were forced to take up the weapons and didn't know how to fight. But there was still hope that help would arrive, and that's what happens, making it the most iconic and legendary battle scene of the cinema.

The Rings of Power is trying to create a similar moment - Arondir and a group of untrained men and women are fighting the orcs in a hope that some help would arrive, and as the teaser shows, help will arrive. Galadriel, Halbrand, and Queen Regent Miriel along with the army of Numenor are on their way to Southlands to free it from the orcs. No doubt the battle is going to be very significant for the show's popularity. It will be interesting to see how they make their entry and if it can match the level of the Battle of Helm's Deep.

Since the Battle of Ostirith is yet to begin, the sixth episode might just start it, and we get to see it finish in the seventh episode. Galadriel and the army of Numenor are also just starting their journey to the Southlands, so it might take some time before they reach there and join the fight.

So far, "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" has been setting up a lot of stories and is yet to reach its full potential. We have seen a few familiar characters who have appeared in the films, but the show is yet to establish them. But the Battle of Ostirith might turn out to be the moment the show has been waiting for. It seems to have the potential to create new favorite characters including Arondir and Halbrand, who are being compared to Legolas and Aragorn, respectively.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Episode 6 will be available to stream and download on September 30, 12 AM EST on Prime Video.




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