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‘The Ritual Killer’ (2023) Movie Review - Another Jeffrey Dahmer

The movie follows a detective on the verge of retirement, who teams with a professor to track down a serial killer performing the ancient black magic practice of Muti

Jess Doshi - Tue, 14 Mar 2023 10:10:47 +0000 5714 Views
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The Ritual Killer has a killer cast in my opinion. Any movie with Morgan Freeman usually has my approval. However, this movie just seemed to want to be in on the trend of serial killer shows and movies.

A serial killer goes on a murderous trail, from Rome to Clinton, Mississippi. All these killers are connected to a dark corner of traditional South African folk medicine named Muti. It had quite a series of visual graphics that involved ritual cutting and the use of body parts in witchcraft. In fact, the working title of the movie was called Muti.

The plot and the star seem to have much-wanted promise but the result is an average movie. The movie involves two main locations as viewers struggle to make sense of the story.  Cole Hauser is a guilt-ridden cop who tries to nail down the serial killer. The supporting actors and actresses are extremely cringe and clearly amateurs.

The backdrop of The Ritual Killer is people moving between Italy and Mississippi with a bunch of young people getting kidnapped and chopped up. Cops are getting stabbed and hurt throughout the movie. It is quite a graphic yet suspenseful movie. Hauser plays a typical loner cop who is troubled. It’s quite stereotypical and uninspired. Hauser is
bold and proud of being a detective- very Lucifer vibes. He excuses his ego and pride by saying, “Do you think anybody missed Ted Bundy?”

The villain of The Ritual Killer is a Seal-scarred African named Randoku. A rich white guy (stereotypical again) backs up the ritual killer with his money and helps him hide. Exactly how capitalism seems to work with corruption and crime, in my opinion.

Morgan Freeman did a pretty good job in The Ritual Killer. Hauser was not so bad either. But I think the cast was a little too good for this movie. It had almost no carved plot and seemed like everyone was just winging it throughout.

The director of The Ritual Killer, George Gallo, spares very few details of Davis’ acts and the results of his actions. The movie is showcased really well with top-notch cinematography. The most prominent part of the film is the extremely gory details. It isn't for someone faint of heart. Only if you think you can stomach it, you should give it a try.

The three leading actors take over the entire movie with other talented and amateur actors having more of a standing or bypassing role throughout the movie. Although the MPAA hasn't rated the movie yet, the gory details will definitely make it an R-rated film. Or it could possibly have an NC-17 rating. The rating depends on the person who got the job.

I think it’s quite a good movie overall. The shifting scenes are a little annoying, and the overall plot is quite stereotypical and called for. But the way the movie builds suspense is amazing. If you think you can handle the details and you got the stomach for it, you should curl up on your sofa and give this movie a go!

Final Score- [6.5/10]
Reviewed by - Jess Doshi
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