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‘Thunivu’ Netflix Movie Review - Cliché Mass Film or Something More?

The movie follows a major bank heist, which takes an unnerving turn when a mysterious interloper known only as Dark Devil begins to hijack the operation

Aayush Chaurasia - Wed, 08 Feb 2023 12:40:57 +0000 2891 Views
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When stepping into an Ajith film, the audience usually expects to be wowed with massive cinematic set pieces or implausible yet entertaining action, Thunivu is no different. 

The film begins with an exposition about a scam which quickly transitions to a group planning a heist on a bank. However, the heist is interrupted when they realize that someone is already in the middle of pulling a heist on the same bank. Ajith, is that someone. From the very start, the bullets start flying. 

As someone who isn't very much caught up with Tamil cinema, especially this genre of Tamil cinema. I felt that a lot of scenes in the film come across as a little too absurd. I do understand the idea that when we watch certain genres there should be a suspension of disbelief, and I was prepped by the trailer however, despite that I felt it was personally a little too much for me. It makes sense however as I'm not really the target audience for this kind of film. 

Ajith, clad in complete white and sporting a white hairdo and beard is untouchable. He shoots without flinching, doesn't get affected by any enemy shots, and isn't ever not in control of the situation. It is a norm in this genre of cinema but it is still difficult to digest. Even at the beginning of the second half when it feels like for a second that things might change for Ajith's character. It doesn't. 

Despite that Ajith is definitely one of the best things about this film as he is quite charming regardless of how unbelievable the things he does get. The other things that really shine in the film are the comedic bits. Though few and far between. 

The pacing of the film also needs to be discussed, the film has horrible pacing, it is so abrupt and in a hurry to move things along that it becomes stressful. There's a specific sequence wherein Ajith's backstory is being revealed in Bangkok and that entire scene takes place while 'Who's the Gangsta' blares loudly, I understand that the way the film is paced might be a stylistic choice but it is difficult to enjoy watching it when it seems like a rush. 

Other technicalities, like the editing, and soundtrack are also nothing great. Editing is fast and hacky, painful, and annoying. And the sound is absolutely the most generic. 

The film does get interesting and better after the first half, and I'll attest that it had me invested a little around that time but very soon the plot delves into very cliche social commentary territory which makes it a drag. It is difficult to emphasize the emotions that the makers want us to emphasize because it is so overdone. The public versus the corporation and government trope might be present in this film. There are supporting cast, partners to Ajith, and police officers who do serviceable roles but nothing too special.

It is pretty simple if you're someone who enjoys mindless action films such as the ones done previously by Ajith. Then you would probably enjoy this film. However, if you're looking for something more nuanced, layered, and actually interesting, I don't think that this might be your cup of tea. It certainly wasn't mine. 

Final Score – [4/10]
Reviewed by - Aayush Chaurasia
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