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Tom Ellis Teases the Possibility of a ‘Lucifer’ Spin-Off Movie at Netflix

In an interview after the premiere of Lucifer Season 6, Actor Tom Ellis has answered some burning questions about Lucifer Morningstar and the series finale

Bradley - Tue, 21 Sep 2021 11:58:10 +0100 28194 Views
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Just a few days after the premiere of the final season, actor Tom Ellis has hinted at a possible spin-off movie of Netflix hit series "Lucifer." Talking with Netflix in an interview, the actor answered some burning questions related to Lucifer Season 6.

Lucifer Season 6 arrived on September 10 and It is currently streaming on Netflix.

The actor was asked - if he would be open to returning to the show, down the line if the opportunity arises. To which Ellis replied, "I always say 'never say never.' Well, I've said this before, but I'd love to maybe explore the notion of doing a Lucifer movie at some point. It's not in the works at the moment, these are just sort of speculative things."

Ellis also thinks this is a perfect ending of the show and he is done with the current format(show/series). "I think in the current format that we know Lucifer to be, that's the end of our show. But I think the show as we know it, in the format that we know it, definitely it's time."

However, the most important thing to note here is -  It is Netflix itself that is interviewing Tom Ellis, and the streamer may already be aware of it, which is why they posed the question in the first place.

Tom Ellis also talked about how the extra Season 6 helped in exploring more of Lucifer's character. "I'm glad that we got to do this last chapter. Because what we were able to explore in it was a dynamic we've never explored before on the show, which was Lucifer being a parent and experiencing his child undergoing some of the things that Lucifer went through, about feeling rejected and abandoned. I feel like we got a proper chance to explore that."

Ellis also described  Matt Corboy, a motorcycle cop from the pilot, and Patrick Fabian from the third season as his favorite callback moments in season 6. "Matt Corboy was certainly one of my favorite callbacks. I loved having Patrick Fabian in hell at the end, Linda's ex-husband. There were so many, but those are two that spring to mind immediately." 

Finally, Ellis expressed his hope that viewers will remember the show fondly and stated that it was a big success, as it is extremely rare for a TV show to receive a sixth season these days. "I just hope its legacy is that people look back fondly at it and the way that they feel about it now. It just feels like such a huge achievement to have done six seasons of it in the current climate of TV because TV is changing a lot these days, and you don't often get multiple seasons of TV shows anymore."



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