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Top Gambling Movies on Netflix that are Worth Watching This Year

Netflix is flooded with more content than you can imagine, and if you are a big gambling fan and want to watch films related to it, you will have quite a strong experience

Malia Jane - Thu, 25 Aug 2022 12:38:32 +0100 5564 Views
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There’s no shying away from the fact that the last 2 years have been quite stressful due to the global pandemic. But this year, luckily, the advent of vaccination and various other things have changed the dynamics of the world. Businesses have started yet again, and people are working. And a lot of people are working on their mental health again. This also compels the global audience to watch movies and declutter their minds. This is why Amazon Prime and Netflix are flooded with more content than you can imagine.

But if you are a big gambling fan and want to watch films related to it, you will have quite a strong experience. But how do gambling movies have such a high level of popularity? Bear in mind that not everyone has lots of time to attend the casino. People are caught up with their work and stuff. With the majority of them having no experience of being in a casino. Yes, it sounds shocking, but it is the ultimate reality of life. There are many who wish to sift through the experience of gambling and have a lot of fun.

And what drives someone to play is the advent of online casino Australia, which has emerged as one of the hottest options worldwide. For others, watching a film on gambling will be enough to suffice for their entertainment reasons. Numerous visits to the casinos have shown us how incredible and luxurious life is at this edge. But it is not always the glitter and gold that you see. If you make a huge mistake, you could lose all of your money in a few seconds. Thus, we recommend you watch a few gambling movies and walk out of the living room with some knowledge. Continue reading this text till the end diligently:

Croupier (1998)

Although this film is around 2 decades old, it is worth watching. Especially for those who love to gamble, Croupier will bring back all their memories from the past. Croupier is the perfect experience you have been looking forward to in this industry. The character draws a strong connection between a casino game and calculates what people will do, depending on the odds. Unlike conventional casino movies, the film seeks to glamourize Las Vegas and other states on Netflix. This movie is one of its kind and will keep you intact with your seat for as long as you’re watching it.

21 (2008)

With this movie, you learn more about the story of a blackjack team responsible for carrying out a heist during card counting. This movie has dramatized the life of real events in an American heist thriller. If you remember, the Math professor hires a few students who use their skill set to win millions of dollars in Las Vegas’s blackjack. Ben Campbell is responsible for going on an adventurous trip to win and curate financial issues. If you haven't watched this film, now is a good time to check it out on Netflix.


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Somehow, most of the casino films are related to Las Vegas. And rightly so, since this state has some of the most exquisite casinos in the world that even celebrities like to visit. This movie follows the adventures of a lawyer and sportswriter, who begin in Los Angeles and end in Las Vegas. Raoul goes to cover the 400 m motorcycle race as a journalist. But thus, leisure time is soon interrupted by pleasure and drugs. And they decide to engage in recreational activities instead. You will be shocked to see how this movie has been enjoyed. Even today, the people from the early 90s will tell what a thrill it was to watch it.

Lay the Favorite

This film is purely based on sports betting and follows the adventures of a woman who grows up to become a gambler's assistant. This dancer originally left Florida to become a bar dancer. Once she is pursued by a wealthy businessman, he decides to hire her as their assistant. Betting on big sports has become quite a big thing for them, and they continue to enjoy it. And since sports betting is hugely popular, people can easily relate to the series of events in the film. Despite the fact that a wide array of bookmakers didn't want to cast a movie on it.

Gun, Girls, and Gambling

Even if you’re playing pokies online, you will somehow get a reference for this film since it is based purely on all kinds of gambling games. When a priceless tribal artifact goes missing, it becomes the sole reason for the rest of the film's plot. In this movie, Native Americans, followed by a group of girls, will run after the artifact that was stolen. They need to ensure it is safely delivered to where it belongs.



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