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‘Tumse Na Ho Payega’ (2023) Hotstar Movie Review - Stay Hungry

The movie follows Gaurav and his friends, who rediscover themselves in a funny turn of events as they decide to follow their emotions and reject society’s expectations.

Riya Singh - Sat, 30 Sep 2023 12:06:48 +0100 1335 Views
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Tumse Na Ho Payega is unexpectedly a very good film. If you're feeling useless or like a loser, this one's going to lift your mood. The film is a motivational talk made in a very likable film.

The most memorable moments were not Gaurav's leaving the job nor his company receiving the funding. It's when his mom stands up for him and shushes away that headache aka Anu Aunty. Gaurav stopped believing in himself after taking the blow, so his mom's support rekindled his spirits.

The film delivers a fabulous message about how we're the worst critics of ourselves. If we start to believe in ourselves, there’ll always be our known ones and ‘society’ to pull us down. The same happened with Gaurav and Mom’s Magic.

The dialogue included in the film resonated with the student inside of me. It'll also be relatable to those who work in the corporate world. The constant headache of getting your work done on a schedule doesn’t leave much time for a constructive schedule.

So, the moral of the story is that don't promote the Anu aunty inside of you (this reference you’ll get after watching the film). As her character was introduced, I had a great laugh because we all know the likes of her. I think that everyone will have a great laugh while watching the movie. Also, don't give a damn about Arjun (and for the Indian audience they’re Sharma ji or Gupta ji ka beta). There's only one person who can decide whether you're successful or not, you!

Gaurav taught us that it's never too late for a new adventure. I couldn’t take my eyes off Mahima Makwana’s jewelry in this film. While complimenting her accessories, I’d also like to mention how Gaurav’s (played by Ishwak Singh) attire went very well with the ongoing situation. If there’s an intense scene, you’ll see him wearing t-shirts that have written ‘shut up’ on them or similar things.

Gaurav was hungry for opportunities that’s why he was able to grasp a minimal need for a bachelors and turn it into a business venture. It’s often said that it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what matters is how many times you’re ready to stand up. After watching Tumse Na Ho Payega, I am capable of writing an endless number of motivational quotes, and that’s what I like about the film.

Tumse Na Ho Payega hasn’t sugar-coated the idea of success. It has shown what happens in real life. For instance, if you don’t go according to someone, they might crush your dreams. The movie has presented the reality of today’s world including all the hardships you have to face once out in the world.

Be it the film’s beginning, middle, or end, the energy level remains constant. I am unable to pinpoint any scene which should’ve been omitted or could’ve been better. All the actors including the leads Mahima Makwana, Gaurav Pandey, and Ishwak Singh might have given a great performance.

I’m a bit disappointed with how Mahima Makwana was not allotted many scenes. Yes, it was Gaurav’s story, but look at the girl’s potential. She shines in whatever little parts she’s got. Also, I felt in many instances that Ishwak could’ve done better. He did say all the dialogues with clarity however what disappoints is the lack of expressions or the repeated use of the same ones. Even if I ignore the acting fails, I think that the plot stands out on its own. As I’ve not read the source novel of the film, I don’t know if there have been made any major changes or not.

All the characters teach us a thing or two and that’s enticing. It’s always great to watch a meaningful film or two after binge-watching romantic dramas. After a long and tiring day, if you want to watch something refreshing then, Tumse Na Ho Payega is a great option.

Final Score – [8/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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