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Turkish Series ‘The Club’ Part 2 Gets Trailer and Release Date at Netflix

Being a part of a family implies that there are individuals who are eagerly waiting for you. ‘The Club’ (Kulüp) Part 2 coming January 2022

Bradley - Thu, 02 Dec 2021 09:38:50 +0000 5954 Views
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Netflix has revealed the first trailer (watch above) and premiere date for Part 2 of the Turkish-language series ‘The Club.’ Also titled Kulüp in Turkish, the 4-episode second part of ‘The Club’ will release on January 6, 2022, on Netflix, worldwide.

The first part of Turkish drama with six episodes was released on November 5. In the sixth episode, Selim is confronted by devastating news just before a show, while Orhan confronts Elebi about his conduct regarding Matilda.

Part 1 of 'The Club' has received significant praise, particularly from Turkey's Jewish community. The series also addresses the Wealth Tax's negative impact on the non-Muslim Turkish community. In Turkey, Jews, Armenians, and Greeks sold their goods and businesses for mere pennies to pay the tax — those who couldn't pay were transported over to labor camps in Askale. Matilda Aseo's father and elder brother were such victims in the series: once Aseo Maritime Shipping was dissolved, they were sent to labor camps to pay off their outstanding debt.

The series, starring Gokce Bahadir, Baris Arduc, and Salih Bademci, follows the story of Matilda, a seamstress working in Istanbul's most revolutionary nightclub in 1955, and the mother of Rasel, who was unaware of her mother's existence until Matilda was pardoned and released from prison.

The cast of the series also includes Murat Garibagaoglu, Metin Akdülger, Valeria Lakhina, Merve Seyma Zengin, Doganay Ünal, Firat Tanis, Istar Gökseven, Ilker Kilic, Asude Kalebek, and Sezer Aricay.

The show is directed by Zeynep Gunay Tan and Seren Yuce and produced by Saner Ayar and Ayse Durmaz for O3 Turkey Medya. The talented writer's room is headed by Necati Sahin, who is joined by Aysin Akbulut, Serkan Yoruk, Bengu Ucuncu, and Rana Denizer.



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