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‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella’ Episode 9 and 10 Review - Survival of the Fittest

In episode 10, Gyeseong tries to prevent a criminal from entering the palace. Two princes probe a suspicious blind man

Riya Singh - Sun, 13 Nov 2022 20:10:46 +0000 4364 Views
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Just like the previous eight episodes, this time also the lives of the Grand Princes remain in danger. While some got neglected by their mother due to their faint hearts, others are seen sleeping with women instead of participating in taekhyeon. All the Princes handle this competition in their manner.

In the ninth episode, a major event was the Queen interfering with the relationship between a mother and a son. She was right to step in between Prince Sim-so and Consort Go. After being looted, Sim-so didn’t have anything left, and he starved for many days. Finally, he landed at the front gate of the palace for help. His mother Consort Go didn’t like that and she wanted him to win the competition even if it meant that she would have to lose her son. That’s when an important message was given to the audience that one shouldn't be blinded by ambitions.

In the tenth episode, Grand Prince Gye-seong’s identity was almost revealed until the Queen stepped in. His life was under threat, and he was saved at the right time. The other princes complete their tasks and land back at the palace. Many of them withdrew from the competition and now just three remain Prince Uiseong, Prince Bogeom, and Grand Prince Seongnam.

With ten episodes being released, the tension rises even more in and outside the Royal Palace. Just the final round of selection is left for the passage of the Crown Prince title, things have intensified a lot. There’s a constant pattern that I have observed in the series till now. In each episode, the Queen is seen surrounded by many problems. By the mid of each episode, she keeps struggling, and as soon as the second half of the participation starts, she is shown winning against her enemies. 

The Queen and the Grand Princes have been glorified and much less focus has been given to the rest of the Princes except Prince Bogeom. The audience might want to see the story of the other Princes as well. It is a possibility that their stories will be explored further in the upcoming episodes. 

The casting of the series is on point and there’s not a single character that is being played with less effort. Kim Hye-soo's cast as the Queen is the best decision that the Casting Director has made. As previously mentioned in our review of Under the Queen’s Umbrella, her eyes say a lot. When she is calm, they exude love and when she has to show strength, these eyes represent that of a lioness. You won’t see her blink while delivering some powerful lines, which is the best part about it. She is not any ordinary Queen, but one with the power to change the course of currents in her favor.

Ten episodes have been released, and just six are left to come out. The competition and the politics have intensified, and the suspense of who is going to become the next Crown Prince and the Queen will also be coming to an end soon. What is left to see is how the King will react in these final moments as he’s been calm till now. The Queen Dowager is also slowly unfolding her cards and applying her best acting skills. Consort Hwang’s downfall will be interesting to watch. The audience must have picked their desired Crown Prince till now. 

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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