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‘Vasco Rossi: Living It’ Netflix Series Review - A Rocking Journey of an Italian Legend’s Life

This docuseries explores the personal life and successful career of the iconic Italian rock star Vasco Rossi over the decades.

Arpita Mondal - Wed, 27 Sep 2023 18:27:05 +0100 1685 Views
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Vasco Rossi is one of the most popular and influential musicians in Italy, with a career that spans over four decades and dozens of albums. He is known for his rebellious and poetic style, his charismatic and passionate performances, and his loyal and devoted fan base. Netflix’s docuseries Vasco Rossi: Living It, directed by Giuseppe Domingo Romano, offers an unprecedented glimpse into the private life and successful career of the rock legend, through interviews, archival footage, and exclusive scenes from his concerts and backstage. The five-part series is a must-watch for fans and newcomers alike, as it reveals the man behind the music, his struggles and triumphs, his loves and losses, and his legacy and impact.

The series follows Vasco Rossi’s journey from his humble beginnings in Zocca, a small town in Emilia-Romagna, to his rise to fame in the 1980s, when he became the voice of a generation with songs like “Albachiara”, “Siamo solo noi”, and “Vita spericolata”. It also covers his controversies and scandals, such as his drug addiction, his arrest for cocaine possession, his feud with the media and the authorities, and his divorce from his first wife Laura. The series also showcases his resilience and reinvention, as he overcame his personal demons, collaborated with new artists and producers, experimented with different genres and sounds, and staged spectacular shows in stadiums and arenas. The series culminates with his latest tour in 2022, which marked his 40th anniversary in the music industry and was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The series is a captivating and comprehensive portrait of Vasco Rossi, who emerges as a complex and charismatic figure, who has lived a life full of highs and lows, joys and sorrows, successes and failures. The series does not shy away from showing his flaws and mistakes but also highlights his strengths and achievements. The series also features testimonies from his family members, friends, colleagues, collaborators, critics, and fans, who offer different perspectives and insights on his personality, artistry, career, and influence. The series also showcases his impressive discography and live performances, which demonstrate his talent, creativity, passion, and energy. The series is a tribute to Vasco Rossi’s enduring legacy as one of the most beloved and respected artists in Italy and beyond.

One of the strengths of the docuseries is that it does not present Vasco Rossi as a flawless hero or a villain but as a complex and multifaceted human being. It shows both his achievements and his mistakes, both his charisma and his arrogance, both his passion and his pain. It also shows how he has changed over time, both physically and mentally, as he faced aging, illness, and personal challenges. The docuseries does not try to justify or condemn his actions or choices, but rather to understand them from his perspective and from the perspective of those who know him best. The docuseries also does not impose a single interpretation or message on Vasco Rossi’s life and work but rather invites the viewer to form their own opinion and appreciation.

Another strength of the docuseries is that it captures the essence and the impact of Vasco Rossi’s music and personality on Italian culture and society. It shows how he has influenced generations of fans and artists with his songs, which express universal themes such as love, freedom, rebellion, identity, and dreams. It also shows how he has challenged the status quo and provoked debates on topics such as politics, religion, sexuality, drugs, and censorship. The docuseries also highlights how he has transcended genres and boundaries with his music, which blends rock, pop, blues, folk, rap, and electronic elements. The docuseries also demonstrates how he has remained relevant and popular over time, despite the changes in the music industry and the tastes of the audience.

Vasco Rossi: Living It is a fascinating and entertaining docuseries that explores the life of an Italian rock icon. It is a rare opportunity to get to know the man behind the music, who has inspired millions of people with his songs and stories. It is also a celebration of his remarkable career, which has spanned over four decades and has left an indelible mark on the history of Italian music. Whether you are a fan or not, you will enjoy this rocking journey through the life of an Italian legend.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Arpita Mondal
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