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‘Viduthalai Part 1’ ZEE5 Movie Review - Fulfilling Your Duty

The movie follows a police officer, who is recruited to capture the leader of a separatist group

Riya Singh - Tue, 23 May 2023 06:42:01 +0100 1970 Views
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Vidhuthalai Part 1 starts by telling about Tamil People’s Army which started its rebellion against the state in the 1980s. They didn’t allow the government to set anything in the backward areas as it was the hub of their operations. When finally a factory was decided to open which also promised more than ten thousand jobs, the army opposed it. There are repeated clashes between the government and these terrorists and many lives are lost. As a result, special police were posted in these regions and the moment was also restricted. This led to a decreased activity of the People’s Army. This story is explained in the beginning using sketching and cartoons which was an interesting approach.

Shortly the news of some coaches of a train falling down the bridge comes. Many people lost their lives and some got severely injured. The scene showing this incident is horrifying as we can see people jumping from the coach which is still hanging from the bridge to protect their lives. A press conference from the government officials is conducted and they launch Operation Ghost Hunt which was about catching a key member of the People’s Army. Suspicions of the People’s Army to be involved in this incident were high hence, it was announced that who’ll help them directly or indirectly will also be punished. One official in this press conference said that the journalists by writing about the terrorists glorify them and he wasn’t wrong. The way he explained his point intrigued me and he put his opinions very clearly. Kumaresan is a new driver employed in the E-Police (the special police). His struggle with fulfilling his duty forms the major part of Vidhuthalai Part 1. How he ends up falling into the trap of his officials to him fulfilling his duty is the main plot of Vidhuthalai.

In my opinion, filmmakers today need to cut down the duration of their projects. It is very tiring to watch two and an hour-long films especially when it is not engaging. Because Vidhuthalai will also have another part, I think they need to minimize the duration. Also, if they can’t do that then at least make it attractive. The streamers should also come up with playback speeds for people like me who like to watch it on 1.25 or 1.5 to grasp the whole story in less time. After noticing that Vidhuthalai is so long, many would have skipped some parts and they did the right thing as you know just by watching the beginning and the end of what this film is about.

A lot of violence and sensitive scenes like the ones in which the women are seen naked make the film unfit for a family to watch together. Where Kumaresan was shown to be an officer who knows the duties he needs to fulfill and the disrespect he had to endure, makes one think if it is right for the public to stand for the truth or not. The man just helped a dying woman and what did he get in return? No food, no sleep, and cleaning toilets. This is the state of the officers who don’t obey the orders given by their seniors. I like the scene in which Kumaresan decided against giving an apology and stood by his beliefs. This gives the audience a message that even if you’re being treated wrong, never forget the difference between what is right and wrong.

Vidhuthalai Part 1 needs to work on its script and storytelling so that the people can stick through its entire length. The movie is raw and doesn’t hold back from showing things that might take place in reality also. It was sad to watch how the Police Officers backed down from helping the locals as they had suspicions about them being a part of the People’s Army. Working to maintain the peace in the region and at the same time committing crimes themselves strongly suggests how easily the power can be abused by those who don’t have any emotions or heart. The scene in which an innocent young girl is murdered and her body is burnt as if nothing happened makes us question the moral of these officers. Soori as Kumaresan did a good job along with the others.

Final Score – [6.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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