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‘Warrior Nun’ On Netflix - Every Warrior Nun’s Background and Power Explained

Before You watch ‘Warrior Nun’ on Netflix, must read this detailed analysis of the characters who will feature in the series, Know their background and powers. Coming July 2nd

Bradley - Wed, 01 Jul 2020 21:39:23 +0100 6160 Views
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Before You watch ‘Warrior Nun’ on Netflix, here is our detailed analysis of the main characters who will appear in the series in its debut season on July 2nd.
Know their background and powers and get ready to watch the show.


Shotgun Mary

Mary Delacroix or "Shotgun Mary" is the series anti-heroine answer to the wholesome Sister Shannon. An "orphan of Christ" like her fellows, Mary Delacroix was initially raised by the nun Sister Justine or "Ju-Ju" as she called her as a child. Perhaps a Warrior Nun herself, Sister Justine was a skilled gunwoman, particularly with a shotgun, a skill that she has passed on to her surrogate daughter. Soon enough she left her surrogate mother and went to train at the same orphanage/academy as were Sisters Sarah and Shannon Masters and Father David Crowe.


Rebellious even as a girl who smuggled cigarettes onto orphanage grounds, Shotgun Mary was a Warrior Nun before she left the order. She left firstly to protest the preferential treatment of the Magic Priests who, aside from being better funded, received full training in the supernatural powers that both they and the Warrior Nuns have. She feels that if her fellow Warrior Nuns sisters had been fully and properly trained in their powers, that her many of them would still be alive. Secondly, she left due to her being a lesbian attracted to a fellow Warrior Nun. At the moment, Shotgun Mary is a vigilante who fights human criminals as freely as she does monsters, though she has been known to work within the law. Gruff and hard-edged, she wears sunglasses and leather jackets, swears, smokes, rides a motorcycle.


Toya Turner will Play Shotgun Mary in the Netflix series.



Ava is one among the warrior nuns, the character is only created for netflix series as there is no mention of Ava in the comic book. Ava will be played by Alba Baptista and by the looks of the trailer she is going to play a major role in the series at least in the first season. Ava will be the newest member of the warrior nuns as she wakes up in a morgue with a new lease on life and a divine artifact embedded in her back. She discovers she is now part of an ancient order that has been tasked with fighting demons on Earth, and powerful forces representing both heaven and hell want to find and control her.


Sister Lilith

Sister Lillith is also knows as the Demon Princess represents the kinder, gentler side of Hell. From her we learn that there are many competing demon factions and not all obey the Devil.

Unlike her fellow demons, Lillith has a remarkably human body, though she was born a demon. Also unlike her fellow demons, she carries no special grudge against the God who cast them out of Heaven or against His Church on Earth. This is because she was never physically created by the Hand of God as an angel as were the first demons/fallen angels. She was born after the Fall and this has no memory of the War against Heaven and in fact is a creation of Hell's submission to Heaven.


Lillith was raised in hell by her mother demoness Hexa after her father angel Azara was killed by Orcus' son, Utak.

Daughter of her mother and father, Lillith proved a warrior and earned an officer's commission in Orcus's army by gladiatorial combat. As for Orcus, however, he sought to expand his own domains and hopes to overthrow Satan and make himself king of hell. To that end, he bonded Hexa and her daughter Lillith to his service, reducing them from independent rulers in their own rights, to imprisoning the mother and making the daughter his pawn. The mother sacrificed herself, offered to be punished in her daughter's place in a Christ like death of atonement when her daughter was accused of murder. Lillith's mother is not dead, however, but is instead imprisoned in the "Netherworld", seemingly one of Hell's gulags. In the two thousand years since that day, Lillith has looked for a way to free her mother and avenge herself against Orcus whom she long suspected of wrongdoing against her. She is seemingly unaware of her angelic heritage.


Lorena Andrea will play Sister Lilith in the Netflix series.


Sister Beatrice

Sister Beatrice does not exist in the comic books and is likely to be the replacement for Sister Sasuki Yoma.

Sasuki Yoma is Sister Shannon's adopted sister and a Warrior Nun in her own right. She is also called as "Ninja Nun." She is Sakura Yoma's daughter and Ota Yoma's granddaughter—though it is unknown who her true biological grandmother was. She grew up in Japan at Hokkaidō's Ise Grand Shrine alongside her sister where both were likely raised in Shinto before both converted to Catholicism early on ultimately becoming Warrior Nuns. It was at age eleven that Shannon left Japan to train at the Academy. It is assumed that she began her own training at the same time. Shannon and Sasuki are very close though they live worlds apart, one in Japan and the other in the United States. Despite being alone in her beliefs, Sister Sasuki is a devoted Kirishitan who sees Christianity as the only way of revitalizing Japan's spiritual soul.


At the moment it is known that Sister Sasuki patrols the city of Sapporo. Like her sister, Sasuki is a skilled martial artist and athlete but her style incorporates ninjitsu—for example, her veil comes with mask to hide most of her face and she wears the Taijitu or Ying Yang symbol. Also her crucifix may hold a Buddha. Armed with katana and Neko-te, she is very adept at espionage and at pseudocide. She works primarily in Japan but goes where needed.


Kristina Tonteri-Young will play Sister Beatrice in the Netflix series.


Mother Superion

She, like all Mother Superions before her, is the supreme Abbess/Mother Superior of the Order of the Cruciform Sword and handles the day-to-day work. She, along with her partner Cardinal Shoc and her superior, Cardinal Stark, leads the Catholic Corps in a triumvirate.


Originally known as Sister Katherine, she was just another Warrior Nun and worked primarily as the girl's teacher at the Saint Thomas Academy. It was there that she first met a teenage Sister Shannon and saw great promise in her. Touched by the ghosts, she could "see as spirits see;" she was left physically blind but was able to see the auras of all things as well as people's souls and how much time they have to live.


Sylvia De Fanti will play Mother Superion in the Netflix series.


Jillian Salvius

Jillian Salvius is likely to be the replacement or a relative for original & male character Julian Salvius who is a villain.

Julius Salvius was Sister Shannon's first foe. From his name, and from his remarks about being a Roman Emperor he seems to be Julian the Apostate survived into modern times. In addition to being the last pagan Roman Emperor in an Empire that had already converted to Christianity, the real Julian renounced the faith into which he had been batized and tried to revive paganism. If Julius Salvius is in fact is Julian the Apostate, it is not said where he was from his "death" in 363 to the modern day. However, has evidently clashed with the Church for some time as senior members of the Catholic Corps will use him like a boogeyman to keep younger members of the Catholic Corps in line.


Thekla Reuten will play Jillian Salvius in the Netflix series.


Sister Shannon

She was born in 1959 and was orphaned at the age of four where on she was left at the steps of a convent. After showing exceptional academic and athletic abilities, she was chosen for the Silver Cross Program and was raised to be a Warrior Nun at upper New York State's Saint Thomas Academy. Growing up at the Saint Thomas Academy, she wrestled with feelings of self-worth over how she had been orphaned. However, she over came those doubts and found a purpose for her life in her service to the Church as did her adopted sister, Sasuki Yoma of Japan. While Sister Shannon's birth parents are unknown, she was adopted early on into the Yoma family; thus her experience at the academy was more of a boarding school.


Melina Matthews will play Sister Shannon in the Netflix series.


Olivia Delcán will play sister Camila in the Netflix series but we do not have any info on this character as of now. Camila might be replacing sister Sarah from the comic book but I will not speculate or spoil anything. I guess you have to watch the Netflix series in order to find this out.


The Series will premiere on July 2, 2020 and below is the trailer:



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