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‘Welcome to Eden’ Netflix Series Review - Starts Great But Loses the Plot and Excitement

In terms of story development, Welcome to Eden had a lot of potential, but the opportunities were squandered, resulting in a dull series devoid of suspense and thrill

Riya Singh - Fri, 06 May 2022 21:24:18 +0100 11288 Views
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‘Welcome to Eden’ follows Zoa and four young, attractive, social media active boys and girls, who are invited to the most exclusive party in history, set on a secret island and hosted by the brand of a new drink.

A hundred young people with a large social media following are chosen to visit Eden Island. They were persuaded it would be a voyage to find happiness in their lives and leave everything behind. It turned out to be quite the opposite since the five people chosen were never allowed to leave the island.

These teenagers and others are stranded on this island. They have no way of escaping because they do not have access to their cell phones and their best friends. While watching this, I had the impression that individuals clad in blue were members of some sort of cult or organ harvesting organization. To my disappointment, none of this is part of the plot. These chosen teens were just interested in liquor and sex.

When you first watch this series, your hopes are great, but as Welcome to Eden progresses, your expectations drop. It is evident that the creators of this series tried their best to have the audience connect with Welcome to Eden, but they failed miserably. There is nothing worth watching except the beautiful-looking ensemble, some unsettling moments, and parties.

You could see right away from the first episode that these people are not on a vacation and that they have been duped. I had a pretty good hunch that they wouldn't be returning home. This series is devoid of all excitement. It's primarily because it sought to be good at so many things at once.

When Welcome to Eden first begins, it sets high expectations. However, the tale becomes increasingly uninteresting as it progresses, much to my disgust. What I thought to be an organ harvesting or other type of swindle had no such story twist.

The series is just 8 episodes long, with each episode lasting 40-45 minutes on average. The plot of Welcome to Eden is simple to guess because there is nothing new in it. It's the same thing that happens in these kinds of shows.

Welcome to Eden is a hard pass in my opinion because it focuses neither on its plot nor on its character development. Everything seemed forced and unnatural. There are no tense moments, making this a pretty straightforward series. I was expecting a lot of plot twists, but there were none.

Final Score – [5.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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