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What If...? Episode 5 Brings Infinity War In A Zombie Apocalypse

Thanos attacks the planet Earth, but the Avengers already have a much bigger threat to deal with in the form of Zombies

Bradley - Wed, 08 Sep 2021 14:39:53 +0100 3887 Views
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Zombies were the only thing left that we have not seen before in the MCU, especially our favorite superheroes as zombies. Episode 5 of the "What If?" brought us into a new reality of Infinity War, where Thanos attacks an Earth where most of the population has turned into Zombies.

In this reality, when Hank Pym goes out to find his wife into the quantum realm, he returns turned into a Zombie along with his wife. However, the episode doesn't clearly show how Thanos was attacked and became a zombie but his minions were turned by Zombie Iron Man, Wong, and Dr. Strange. The only intact Avengers left are Spider-Man, Hope (Wasp), Bucky, and Hulk, who decided to fight the Zombies until someone finds a cure.

Besides a zombie Thanos and a small Zombie hunting team of Avengers, the episode also gives us a major exhibit on the power of Wanda, which remained intact even after she became a Zombie. Also, Vision says he can't cure Wanda because she's too powerful, but he doesn't explain how such a powerful nexus being become a Zombie in the first place.

The episode sees the return of T'Challa, Captain America, and Spider-man. Late Chadwick Boseman has once again voiced the iconic character, this might be the last time we heard his voice if he is not appearing in any other episodes. Spider-man/Peter Parker was voiced by Hudson Thames.

What If... Zombies?! didn't have a lot of theoretical association with the upcoming MCU releases. However, it demonstrates Spider-Man as the Avengers' leader, as well as his capacity to learn the mystic arts like Dr. Strange.

This episode also proved that a Zombie outbreak is a much bigger threat to mankind than a Thanos' snap, where resurrection was possible.

There is also a possibility that we might see one more "What If?" episode featuring Zombies this season only. A lot of superheroes who were part of Infinity War and not shown in this episode may appear in the next one, but this is just a guess, we have to wait and see what this series brings us in the upcoming weeks.



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