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‘When the Weather is Fine’ Netflix Series Review - A Slow-Paced Rom-Com

The series follows a young cellist, who moves to a quiet small town, where she encounters an old friend who helps her heal and remake herself

Jess Doshi - Tue, 31 Jan 2023 13:58:44 +0000 6266 Views
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You often find shows that start off slow-paced but rush through the ending or vice versa. This TV series maintained its pace throughout the story with the essence lying in character development.

A 16-episode story born out of the purest romance and calming atmosphere- When the Weather is Fine is beautifully flawed. It showcases how no one is perfect- no matter how hard you try. It follows the story of Mok Hae-won as she tires of the corruption and negativity in the teaching world. She seems slightly awkward and tremendously shy as she navigates the structures of the professor hierarchies. Being a music teacher, she is often mocked and pushed down. When the Weather is Fine showcases a lot of stereotypes like the boy-next-door and city girl-town boy. These stereotypes make the series all that more real and give the viewers a sense of belonging.

Im Eun Seop, the main male character of the show is a bookshop owner with insomnia. His nocturnal behavior has pushed him to start his own blog. Small anecdotes and cute love-letter-like moments are what make When the Weather is Fine so special. The bookstore is named Goodnight Bookstores to show support to the nocturnal community. Im Eun Seop also writes a blog addressed to ‘Irene’, a woman he seems to love. It does not take much to put two and two together- Irene is Mok Hae-won. Eun Seop is a hopeless romantic, in love with his childhood classmate. He sneakily tries to get glances at her, and words seem to fail him when she is near. He is the perfect golden retriever boy that all movie lovers talk about. The next Augustus Waters, if I may.

When the Weather is Fine starts off as a slow-paced romantic comedy with soft background music (almost vinyl-like). The show seems gloomy yet optimistic at the same time with realism seeping in through its cracks. Eun Seop and Hae-won’s story is everything movie buffs love- a slow burn, childhood crush, and romantic gestures. Their individual characters and as a couple are both shown progressively and together. 

The most memorable part of this series is the chemistry and romance between the two. The slow build-up and the undeniable chemistry throughout the show are what never fail to keep the audience hooked. The setting is warm and cozy in the winter season. It sets the mood for the perfect stranded in the rain scenes that leave us wanting more. Although the show starts off slow, it picks up towards the end. The drama that entails the ending episodes of the series unravels the plot thickening that we have all been waiting for.

When the Weather is Fine hits all the right chords. From the soulful cello music that Hae Won plays to the blogs that Eun Seop writes. It is a perfect romance story wrapped in one- a crossover between The Notebook and A Walk to Remember.

It is quite a surprise that this show is so underrated. Almost every viewer of When the Weather is Fine has been left awe-struck by its profound and smooth cinematography. It takes a lot of effort to make a show this beautiful but Ji-Seung Han managed to do it flawlessly.

Final Score- [9/10]
Reviewed by - Jess Doshi
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